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General Information
Yaska Akujin Uchiha Fotor115
Name: Yaska Akujin Uchiha
Nickname/Alias: Kaiki no Yami [Total Eclipse of Dakness]
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Spoiler :
Yaska Akujin Uchiha A0Jx97R

Yaska has short, messy black hair with a red tip at one of his bangs. He has black eyes which turn white instead of red when he activates his Sharingan.  This due to him receiving his great grandfather’s genes allowing him to manipulate and control yin chakra. He is usually seen wearing the traditional Uchiha household clothing with an Uchiha family symbol at the back. His clothing reflects the one samurais' wear, with the exception of the hoodie he has on his upper attire. Yaska always carries his great grandfather swords which he was entrusted with by his father and grandfather. Yaska's color combination is mainly black and red.

He wears a large brown sash which is tied around his waist with the knot being a few centimeters left of the center of his abdomen.  This sash holds his swords when he is not using them.  On both arms he wears ivory silk arm warmers that reach just below his elbow and covering a portion of his hands.  The family swords, which names have not been revealed yet to Yaska, are sheathed in a black and gold wooden scabbard and two sets of holy beads said to be blessed by the mother of their family, are gently wrapped around them both.  It is said they are used to keep the evil his ancestor had wrought with the blade at bay, never to infect the world again.

Personality: Yaska can be broken up into three different personalities starting with his family.  When he is around his Uchiha brethren and sisters he is calm, cheerful, and open.  He shows signs f joy when his siblings succeed, he helps his cousins hone their shinobi skills without being asked, and he is an all-around gentle person in the peaceful loving atmosphere of his family.  No matter how weak or strong they are he believes each one of them that share blood come before anything else in the world.

When it comes to the world and everything outside the shelter of his family’s arms he is a focused, cunning, and very serious person.  He shows no emotions when he is in the village or scouting the nearby territories.  This is all due to the fact that he is a captain in the ANBU OPS for Hoshikagure.  He believes he must cast is self-off to be the most effective weapon the village can offer.  Even though he appears as nothing more than a shade he is still helpful in someone is in need.

Finally when Yaska is in the heat of battle he becomes a somewhat sadistic foe.  His abilities to manipulate darkness are unparalleled by anyone in the village.  This is due to the fact that he was born with extraordinary blood. The dark chakra that circulates through his system turns him into a brutal fighter who shows no mercy.  He does not ask questions, he does not interrogate, he is usually called on when a mission needs to be executed swiftly and with finesse to show the enemies the level that Hoshikagure is willing to go to.  Yaska also has a rebellious side to him never taking the path that was taken by the group.  This also comes from the influence of the dark chakra he believe he easily controls.

Likes & Dislikes: Progress:  Yaska loves to see the ball always rolling forward.  He believes the more to progress in the life the more you can influence the world around you and inside of you.

Combat:  Yaska has been forged into a weapon of the Hoshigakure and due to the influence of the Inton chakra he enjoys fighting in all forms.  Whether it be a verbal dispute, or an opponent is getting their head removed it is all a game that the young Uchiha flows in.

Night:  Yaska has always had an adornment for the moon and stars that fill what he calls, “The Black Sea.” Yaska feels a tranquility and peace when the moon and stars are dancing in the sky.  It is also the time Yaska meditates no matter what he is doing, he takes time out of the night to meditate under the stars.

Hana Hyuuga:  Yaska’s love, she has been in a coma since the chunin exams when they were nine years old.  The young Uchiha vowed he would find a way to wake up his sleeping beauty no matter what the cost.

Ninja System:  Even though Yaska claims loyalty to his village, he has a great disdain for the World Ninja System.  He believes that men who try to rule with an iron fist are only meant to fail and that people should live free under their own terms.  Yaska believes he will someday be the liberator of the shackles of the old world.

Light:  Yaska has a problem with bright lights or any form of light for that matter.  He would rather be in the shade studying books, then be on basking in the sun.  It has nothing to do with his chakra just his personal preference.

The Other Nations:  Yaska does not trust the other nations Kage’s nor there people.  He knew of the Great Shinobi Wars and how nation attack nation for justices that they too stripped away from there people.  He believed that the only thing stopping another war was the secret killing of the political powers in the other nations.

Catch Phrase: N/A

Clan Information

Clan Name: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan | Inton

Rank/ Village Information:
Yaska Akujin Uchiha 0910
Country: Hoshigakue
Village Rank: ANBU Captain
Skill Rank: A

Combat Information
Yaska Akujin Uchiha 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty: 
Ninjutsu: 61[Tier IV]
Medical Ninjutsu 
Genjutsu: 61[Tier IV]
Taijutsu: 38[Tier III]

Elemental Affinity:
Sub: Katon, Raiton

Strength: 50
Speed: 55
Stamina: 46
Agility: 47
Chakra Reserves: 56
Intelligence: 46

Abilities :
Yaska Akujin Uchiha Fotor116
Name: Yomi no Sharingan [Copy Wheel Eye of Darkness]
Type: Chakra
Rank: B
Special Abilities: Through the genetic mutation of Inton Release and mastery of his three tomoe Sharingan, Yaska, has developed the ability to siphon, manipulate, and release chakra through his visual prowess.  The chakra acquired can only be used in battle and is not a permanent change in Yaska's chakra reserves.

Jutsu :

Yaska Akujin Uchiha Jujj10

Spoiler :
Name: Sharingan Activation
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Doujutsu
Range: Self
Clan: Uchiha
Description: After forming the necessary hand seals, the user will send chakra to the eyes in order to activate their Sharingan doujutsu. This jutsu will cause whatever form of Sharingan the user has unlocked (minus possible Mangekyo Sharingan) to activate. This costs a C rank amount of chakra to be used, and requires an E rank amount of chakra to be paid every post in order to keep the Sharingan activated. This chakra must be paid at the beginning of the post before use. This jutsu must be used before any other Sharingan jutsu or perks are able to be used, with no exceptions.  

Name:Genjutsu Binding  (Pre-Approved)
Rank: C
Type: Sight
Description:As the name suggests, the user binds the opponent in a genjutsu, rendering them incapable of movement. this genjutsu can be used on more than one target at the same time.

Spoiler :
Name: Copying Wheel: Jutsu Techniques
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Doujutsu [Ninjutsu Required]
Range: Eyesight
Clan: Uchiha
Description: In order to use this ability, the user must have two tomoes. By viewing an enemy perform a ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu, or medical ninjutsu technique, the user can analyze it, and instantly memorize the technique, and use it themself in whatever way they wish. This requires that the user have the item, rank, and affinity and/or other prerequisites to use the copied move. The cost of this technique is equal to the cost of the copied one, instead of B-Rank. The technique copied will only be remembered for that one fight unless copied again in another similar situation. While this jutsu does not require hand seals to activate, the jutsu you are copying may, and you must complete those hand seals before the use of the jutsu. This does not permit them to copy kekkei genkai based jutsus, seeing as they do not have the required genes to pull it off, or even hidden ninjutsu, such as those that belong to clans because they are too complex even for the Sharingan to copy.

Spoiler :
Name: Genjutsu Reversal
Rank: A
Type: Doujutsu [Genjutsu Required]
Range: Eyesight
Clan: Uchiha
Description: In order to use this ability, the user must have three tomoes, must know that he or she is in a genjutsu, and must lock eyes with the enemy. This jutsu does not require hand seals in order to activate. This technique releases the sharingan wielder from the illusion, while at the same time placing a copy illusion on the enemy. The reversed genjutsu, however, is considered to be at the same rank as the highest level of genjutsu that the sharingan wielder can create. This means that if an S rank genjutsu, for example, is reversed, it will be treated as an A rank when placed on the opponent, and thus require a lower ranked release. Although it costs that rank of chakra plus the A-Rank of this technique to be released.

 Name: Ninjutsu Reverse Genjutsu
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Doujutsu [Genjutsu Required]
Range: Contact
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Description: In order to use this ability, the user must have three tomoes and must know that he or she is going to be attacked. The technique is used much like the body replacement technique but instead of escaping the technique, the genjutsu casts an illusion where the same jutsu is used against the opponent. The reversed genjutsu, however, is considered to be at the same rank as the highest level of genjutsu that the sharingan wielder can create. This means that if an S rank ninjutsu, for example, is reversed, it will be treated as an A rank when placed on the opponent, and thus require a lower ranked release. Although it costs that rank of chakra plus the A-Rank of this technique to be released.

Background Information
Yaska Akujin Uchiha 71110
Spoiler :
“Retreat its him… it’s the Scourge of Darkness, Uchiha Akujin!”  A jounin shinobi of the Iwagakure forces cried as he turned his back to only meet his bitter end with an arrow of darkness piercing his heart.  The other shinobi who witnessed this act scrambled together in attempts to save their worthless lives from the Shade of the Uchiha.  

“You bunch of worthless, pathetic, waste of chakra and human flesh… Why the Hell are you running?”  An over confident, relaxed shinobi said as he jumped from one of many trees in the area.  He spit on the ground as he shut his eyes waiting for an answer using his pinky finger to clean out his left ear.  

He wore an onyx colored kimono, with a grey sash that was tied to the left side of his abdomen, which covered his slate colored pants which were snuggly tucked in his shin height, leather boots.  Around his torso to his chest and covering the majority of his back was a ruffled cape that hung from the right side of his shoulder and crossed his chest flowing out towards his back.  On the center it was the Uchiha crest with the kanji for Yomi no Sharingan in the white portion of the fan.  His hair was silver from the right side of his head to the middle of his back while the rest of his hair was a brick re.  The style in which he wore it was spiky on the top and then melding together at the bottom into three separate spikes.  In his belt he had sheathe his swords which he used to slaughter the masses with relative ease.

The five shinobi who were made up of, two jounin and three chunin, all began to made hand seals and begin to release various forms of elemental jutsu.  The Konoha Uchiha only smirked devilishly as he opened his eyes to reveal a very unique Sharingan which was white and black instead of the traditional crimson red.  In an instant each one of the shinobi’s jutsu were consumed and vanished before their eyes.   They all stood puzzled some collecting their breath from using such a great amount of chakra.

“Well then seeing how you are dead I guess that’s is what they say is that.” Uchiha Akujin slyly slithered as he bit his finger and in an instant slammed his hand on the ground.  Snakes imbued with darkness burst from the ground and devoured the shinobi up to their lower abdomens and suspended them upside down.  Akujin then formed the snake hand seal as he then grasped his blades and with a quick, flick of his wrist two razor like crescent blades of black chakra exploded from the sheathes.

“Dammit I always miss the necks for some reason.”  Akujin sighed as he placed his blades back to rest.  The attack had cut the shinobi at the middle of their chest causing there internal organs to pour of the ground.  

“Okay my babies eat up.”  The Uchiha shinobi slithered as his dark imbued snakes ate the remains of the fallen ninja.  He would turn to the night sky which was eclipsed that night and laugh as his dark chakra poured throughout the forest ravaging the enemy and ally forces alike.

The story Uchiha Akujin spread through his family for generations explaining how he was a legend among shinobi slaughtering all in his wake.  He called no man ally except for his family and vowed that he would be reborn through his legendary bloodline.  That was the ability to manipulate the darkness of the Sharingan and becoming one with the Dark Release.  As many of the Akujin sect of the Uchiha revered him as a god of war the majority of the clan saw him as a menace and a demon not a god.  This would call for the sealing of his swords which he spoke of would be the catalyst of his rebirth. 

To prevent this rebirth Ayeka Uchiha, the head Mother of the Akujin sect, used her Yang chakra to seal the Yin chakra that resonated with the blades and ordered that the children and sons of pure Akujin blood were to be slain in hopes to destroy the bloodline forever.  

However a young woman who was of pure blood would not submit her life to the belief of some superstition.  Instead she would leaving the land she called home and moving to Hoshikagure.  She chose this place because the village resonated with her and she knew that this was where she was supposed to be.  Her name was Suisei Uchiha and like the stars that she loved so much she soared in the ninja academy.  She had arrived at the village at thirteen and by the time she was fifteen she was an accomplished chunin medical ninja and taijutsu master.  Jutsu and the shinobi life came easy to the young Uchiha girl who would catch the eye of another Uchiha who was a part of the ancient Konoha bloodline.  Kiruko Uchiha would form a bond with Suisei that would last forever.  They would be married at the time of them both making the jonin rank.

A year had passed and the two Uchiha gave birth to a young boy who had a resemblance to no other than his ancestor Akujin Uchiha.  The two were not aware that there child was going to be a unique individual with a rare genetic mutation.  The new mother and father would name there son Yaska after his mother’s father.  

By the time Yaska was eight years old he was in the academy learning to become a shinobi.  He had a passion to become just like his mother and father and protect his family.  Just like his mother and father the Academy came easy to the young Uchiha.  He excelled in test involving chakra control, jutsu execution, espionage, and many other unique variations to the latter.  At nine years old he was graduating and joining the ranks of the Hoshigakure genin teams.  His team consisted of a jonin instructor who excelled in the use of puppets, his name was Tair Tamahana a member of Yaska’s father’s old genin team.  His genin comrades were Rinna Kioyama, she was a master of taijutsu due to her family’s bloodline limit which allowed them to easily manipulate chakra into their muscles for enhanced abilities.  Add that to a Kioyamas ability to unlock the Eight Gates and you have a savage beast on your hand.  His final comrade and love interest was Hana Hyuuga, who wielded the Byakugan with grace.  Even though she was like a gentle flowing river when using Jyuken, she would rather heal her comrades then cause more pain.

The three would learn to work together as a more than just a team but as a family unit learning valuable lessons along the way.  Everything was going good for team six as they completed mission after mission believing they would live this young forever.  With every beginning eventually comes an end.

A year would pass and Yaska would be ten years old and like the rest of his team they had qualified for the Chunin Exams. His parents had bestowed upon him his ancestor’s swords. The Exams were a test of all genin’s will and passion of the shinobi arts weeding out the weak from the strong.  It was a ceremony that was held every year and the great nations would gather and watch each ones genin’s compete against one another.  Yaska and his team completed each designated task with the help of each abilities, building up one another as they made their way through each trial.  

The second platform consisted of a tournament with different rules in different environments.  Competitors would fight each other using all of their shinobi skills in armed combat.  Matches could be one on one, two on two, three on three, three on one, it was all decided by the rolling of the dice.  The games would begin and dice would be rolled.  Rinna defeated her opponent with relative ease using the trees to increase her velocity of her attacks.  Yaska fought in a two on two match with a shinobi from another village they were victorious and even though never worked together before made a good team.  

The final match of the Chunin Exams would be coming to a close, Hana had not gone yet but the team knew her turn would be coming up next.  Yaska would encourage her and throw her a thumbs up to show his trust in her abilities.  The dice rolled and the next match was unthinkable as it was going to be brutal.  It was a one on three match: Hana Hyuuga vs three shinobi from Takigakure.  As Hana entered the ring her village cheered for her shouting adoration and love for the young Jyuken shinobi.  She would take her Gentle Fist stance and wait for the attack of the three.  The bell rang and the three shinobi charged Hana and unleashed a variety of Kinjutsu completely decimating the young Hyuuga.
They would turn with blood dripping from their fist and faces and stare deep into the eyes of Yaska piercing his soul.

Something snapped in Yaska that day as a power and sensation filled his body like never before.  He let out a roar as he dropped to his knees and his once onyx eyes form a white ring in the center and a single tomoe in each of his eyes.  
“Why did I let this happen… Why didn’t I stop this…”  Yaska cried out in his head as the alien sensation filled his body completely.

It happened because you are weak… They stole from you… Now, my grandson, release your fury…slaughter them.  A mysterious voice whispered like a snake in the young genins ear.  

Yaska did not hesitate he slowly stood to his knees and walked over to the body of Hana and lifted her head.  He looked into her tear filled eyes and wiped some of the escaping blood from her mouth on his arm warmer.  “Yaska… Don’t be afraid… I will be okay.  Just… don’t fa…”  Hana would whisper as she passed out and a single tear escaped from her eye.  Her body went limp as the young Uchiha could feel her life force slip away.  Tair and Rinna would quickly make their way over to Yaska, it was not too late for Hana but for the three who brutalized her the same could not be said.

Yaska removed his sash he wore around his waist and placed what he thought was a fallen comrade, girlfriend, under her to support her head and body.  He stood to his feet and with pure hate burning in his eyes released three accurate cuts at the abdomen, neck, and face of the three genin.  The result was a seal to hold back the ominous power of Yaska, coma for Hana Hyuuga, and selection as chunin in the ranks of Hoshigakure.

A decade would pass and Hana would still be in a coma while Yaska’s mother along with her medical staff would try everything to bring the young girl back to conscious realm.  Yaska would not remember what he had done when he was nine years old but he was told to never unsheathe the blades of his ancestor but instead keep them as a test of will and spirit.  He would excel through the ranks completing missions using his visual prowess of the Sharingan to bring honor to his village.  This would cause him to rise to the rank of ANBU Captain, a high honor given to the most distinguished of the Hoshigakure shinobi.  

At the age of nineteen Yaska has matured into a fine shinobi who wants the best for his family and his girlfriend Hana.  Loyal to his village his true ambition was to find a way to save people from death and bring about true peace.  Even if it meant leaving on his own terms and finding his own way

RP Sample:
Spoiler :
The ocean of stars above the sleeping rouge ninja raiding camp, revealed the movement of two figures that were hidden behind mask.  The two figures of the shadows had only one goal:  The complete eradication of all the rouge ninja present.  They were the culprits behind the burning of many small villages in Star Country and the Hoshikage was done with trying to negotiate.  As the two vanished into pockets of darkness they developed their plan of attack mentally, speaking with their movements and showing the other what the next calculated move was.  

The two found themselves posted in separate trees adjacent from one another giving them a birds eye view of their prey.

“Yaska-kun I hope you know what you’re doing.”  Rinna Kioyama sighed as she lifted her mask and relaxed her back against the tree.  It’s support was comforting to the young ANBU who promised her sleeping friend she would look after Yaska.

Yaska, with his mask still hiding his face, quickly moved from the tree he was nested in to the center of the camp.  He gleamed at the sleeping rouges, so carelessly leaving themselves open for attack.  

“You dare enter our lands and bring suffering… you all will be sent to the other side tonight.”  Yaska said as a drew his ANBU choktu and stabbed one of them in the leg.
In that moment, the sleeping rouge awakened with a great cry rousing the camp.  Yaska activated his Sharingan causing black and white chakra to pour from them.  When he opened his eyes he could literally see all of the rouges scrambling, seeing each movement they would take and the possibilities and outcomes of said actions.  With his blade still drawn in only a minute all except one of the raiders were decapitated.  The crimson flow of life fluid filled the, gentle green grass in which the rouges had made their camp.  The young ANBU Uchiha turned his attention to the survivor of the slaughter and started to walk towards him.  

“St… st…stay the hell a…a…away from me you demon!”  The rouge stuttered in fear as he started to perform a strong of hand seals.  “Kanton: Fireball Jutsu!”  The spineless rouge roared as a ball of fire escaped from his mouth and raged towards Yaska.

“Embicile.”  Yaska muttered as the three tomoe in his eyes started to spin violently and consume the elemental chakra.  The rouge stood frozen, unable to get his legs to move so he could escape with his life.

“You know, people like you are the reason she sleeps.”  Yaska said softly so the rouge could still hear him and understand how serious he was. Flood from the other raiders showered the encampment and a great amount had found its way on Yaska who looked even more ominous now that his mask was lifted.

The young Uchiha drew nearer and nearer to his prey as the gentle night breeze played with his messy, blood saturated hair.  Now standing directly in front of the rouge shinobi he peered deep into his eyes, the Uchiha would ensnare him in a genjutsu that would keep him paralyzed.
“I hate anyone who reminds me of those three that hurt her.  I promised to eradicate you all from the face of the Earth.”  Yaska said as a drop of blood beaded at the base of his blade and slid down the length of the blade just to hang on at the tip of the sword.  The rouge shuttered uncontrollably as he could not move a single muscle in his body.

Kill him….

The same voice from his childhood whispered into his ear causing him to thrust his blade into the abdomen of the last rouge raider.  The fear filled shinobi’s body seized, before Yaska swiftly moved the blade in a vertical direction splitting the raider in two.  The same drop of blood that had rested on the edge fell on the cheek of Yaska sliding down to his chin and dropping to the ground.

Rinna jumped from the tree and put her mask back on.  “Dammit Yaska you don’t have to be so brutal.”  The young kunouchi sighed as she placed her hands on her hip.

“Rinna…  Something intriguing just happened… My blade actually cried for these vermin.  Can you believe that?”  Yaska muttered as he flicked his blade and placed it back in its sheath.  

“Yaska… I will never understand you and I will stop trying to.”  Rinna laughed as she noticed that Yaska was looking up at the stars.  It was something she would always see him doing as if they had an answer to all of his questions.  “Captain.  Should we go?”  Rinna asked becoming more mission focused.
The young Uchiha simply nodded his head and returning his mask to his face they headed come to report their mission success.

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