"Yaska-kun, I love you."  Hana Hyuuga gently whispered in the ear of the Uchiha shinobi she had come to adorn.  The two were under a sakura tree, Yaska's head placed in the lap of Hana, while she sat with her back against the tree that showered them with a perfect blossom.  The young Hyuuga kunoichi played with Yaska's messy, black hair while he looked up into her ivory, glimmering eyes.

He smiled from ear to ear as she kissed him on the forehead and a single petal rested on his lips.  The couple laughed as Yaska closed his eyes to see a horrific scene.  It was the same reoccuring nightmare he had since he was nine.  Hana, was badly beaten her body lifeless and surrounded in blood, three demonic shadows surrounded her, beating her unattentive body, and Yaska was bound in chains which cut into his flesh every time he tried to struggle.

"Hana?  Hana!?  HANA!?!"  Yaska cried out as tears rushed from his onyx colored eyes.  He tried to force himself free but the chains only cut into him deeper.  "I WILL SAVE YOU HANA!"  Yaska yelled with much passion as he tried to set himself free but to only fail time and time again.

Foolish boy, how can you save her when you can't even save yourself? Accept your destiny and kill them!

The same voice from his past said to him.  Each dream he said something different but ended with taking the lives of the ones that tortured his love.  Suddenly the scene changed, as if a space-time jutsu had been cast.  Yaska Uchiha was standing with both of his ancestors swords unsheathed and covered in black blood.  The blood that came from the blade consumed the blood of the demons that harmed Hana, baptizing Yaska in it.  He had a sadistic smirk on his face as his Sharingan were fully awakened and spinning a violent matter.

"Yaska! The council wants to see you in the Hoshikage's office immediatly!"  Rinna Kioyama shouted at her captain who was sleep in his quarters.

The young ANBU Uchiha gathered his gear and proceded to head to the councils chamber that were adjacent from the Hoshikage's office.  "Hey you won't be needing that.  They said your mission will require you to be casual."  Rinna added as she placed her right hand up giving her best friend a thumbs up.

"Hmm... So they don't need me to kill anyone, that's strange."  Yaska said as he stretched one more time and went into the bathroom to get dressed prepared for the day.  Once he was dressed, Yaska, completed his outfit by placing his hood over his head hiding his messy hair.  As he made his way to the council chamber with Rinna, he signaled for her to wait at the door and entered.

"Yaska Uchiha our brightest star.  We have a mission for you and you alone."  The head of the council paused and handed him a scroll with the villages seal binding it shut.  Yaska opened the scroll and began to read.

"As you can see the Hoshikage has left the village in hopes to meet with the Kusakage.  Your mission is to go undercover and protect him at all cost. We have sent one of your subordinates there with him by carriage but you and your ocular prowess are needed there.  Do you understand your mission?"  The head council man would ask knowing that Yaska would take the mission.

"The Hoshikage needs me to defend him?  That's far from true, but if it is for the good of my family and their safety I will not hesitate.  I only have one request?"  Yaska yawned as he stretched, clearly being tired since it was late at night and he had been busy tracking raiders.

"And that is young Yaska?"  The head of the council asked.  

Yaska stretched one more time and cleaned out his left ear with his left pinky.  "I want Rinna to be put on guard at my families home until I return."  Yaska demanded more than requested.  Before the council could convene and come up with an answer the young Uchiha was already out the window heading towards the Grass Nation.