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General Information
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Name: Valentinius Accai




Sexiness here :
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Valentinius, or as he prefers now that he is old enough to decide, Valentine, is a tall man for his age. At the old age of fourteen years he is already five feet and ten inches tall, towering over most of his peers. He is also a good deal more muscular, weighing at nearly two hundred pounds in solid muscle. Because of this he is what one may call "toned," cut," or "sexy as all Hell." His upper body is riddled in scars as well, due to his lifestyle so far. There is one on the left pectoral, two just above his right kidney, three small ones on his chest, one on and slightly hidden by his eyebrow, and large ones covering each knuckle on both hands. He has pale, blond hair; soft, cloudy, blue gray eyes; and an oddly petite bone structure that insinuates that he may be in an awkward preteen stage of his growth still.

His wardrobe, as is mandated it must be, is immaculate at all times. He wears long shirts and pants, both almost always entirely in white. He wore leather of the finest origins for his boots and gloves, but the boots were still brown while as the gloves were white. As to accentuate his lanky form, he often wore trench coats, but always in black or a very dark blue. His black coat had silver buttons, and his blue coat had golden buttons. He also wore a white belt of the same white leather as his gloves, over the coat when he was armed and under the coat when he was not. In his belt was a rapier on his left hip. The hilt and scabbard were pearl white, with rubies in the hand guard. It was also not rare to see him carrying and old, leather book written in a language that nobody else understood.

 Apart from his rather obvious at all times examples of vanity, he was what many he knew would immediately think of when somebody brought up the subject of piety. He always did his best to show a cool headed response to all testing situations, general quietness in most situations as not to disturb others unless they wanted something from him or he could possibly help others, he was charitable whenever he could be without damaging his own wardrobe budget, he was well beyond what an average person was capable of when it came to the subject of sticking to a strict schedule or regimen, and he rarely complained about his various pains.

In spite of how hard he attempted to maintain his piety, his trustworthy appearance, his reputation as a person who was always far too concerned with what he had to do get in the way of anybody else, was occasionally interrupted by a curse he had that all others would view as a great blessing. This was not a curse with a mark, a known origin, or any associated Ninja skills. This was nothing so flashy or unnecessary. His greatest gift and curse was his charisma. He was extremely well spoken and extremely convincing when he had to be. Due to this many of the people with whom he wished to have an intellectual discussion with made the mistake of thinking he was some sort of a snake oil salesmen, baby kisser, con man trying to get something that they had.

Likes & Dislikes:  Valentine had always enjoyed his alone time. He would dedicate hours of his life to meditation, physical training, reading his tomes, and even making passing attempts at art work from time to time. He of course, never showed any of his sketches to others in fear that it would be connected to some sort of pride, though he saw no connection there with his love of looking nice.

He dislikes the pain of others, including the pain felt by his enemies. He also dislikes but would be hard pressed to complain about loud noises, public displays of affection, others doing things that he does not enjoy or does not know how to do, people allowing themselves to be intoxicated, women in leadership roles, the colors orange and violet, people using KKG jutsu, people from far away places that he has never visited, sea food, sunny days, amphibians, and anything dirty in either sense of the word. Valentine hates most things, including things that he has no real rhyme or reason to even dislike, but he keeps it to himself knowing how silly it is. Others should look up to Valentine.

Theme Song:

Rank/ Village Information:
Valentinius(Valentine) Accai 0910
Country: Rain
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Combat Information
Valentinius(Valentine) Accai 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty: 
Main: Kenjutsu : 5
Sub: Genjutsu : 5

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Yin
Sub: Yang

Strength: 20
Speed: 20
Stamina: 2
Agility: 4
Endurance: 2
Chakra Reserves: 2
Intelligence: 30

Background Information
Valentinius(Valentine) Accai 71110
History: Valentine was born into nobility, prestige, and sadly, antiquity. His family had existed before the Shinobi, as many of them believed, would have little trouble in having their traditions long outlast the Shinobi. Unlike other ancient families like the Uchiha there were no special physical traits that made them particularly formidable, or even passed down techniques learned at a young age like the Uzimaki or the Aburame. All they had was the will to keep getting stronger and stronger with their weaponry. Down to only one family still practicing, Valentine's parents sent him to the ninja academy so he could spice up the art of Bukijutsu with whatever talents of his that would be unearthed. 

When he showed promise, his life became a hell that would be difficult for most adults to endure. Every day the moment he would come from school he would face several more hours of work, training his body to be the very best that it could. And at night he was not allowed to rest either. He would be forced to study until he passed out each night. This continued until his fourteenth birthday, when he was declared by his parents to be the most ideal Genin. By then his only sense of self came in the form of his wardrobe. 


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And I'm sure that the yin and yang element affinities are okay. If anything comes up about it, we'll resolve it easily~. For now, though, I'm approving this thing.

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After much thought, I will approved of the yin and yang release because they are what make ninjutsu and genjutsu. But Genin start with one element until you on lock your second one Yang will be locked.

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