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Marikawa Clan Fotor118
Clan Name: Marikawa
Clan Symbol:
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Clan History: rom the deepest and darkest bogs in the land of the water there lived a giant salamander. This salamander was famous for constantly eating and killing all who dared to enter its territory and ruling the creatures within the forest. The salamander was rumored to have the ability to cure any disease or poison that entered a human's body by sipping on its blood. This of course brought many hunters to the land of the water in search of this creature. Unfortunately finding it wasn't that easy. The bog that it lived in was filled with dangerous and poisonous creatures. The area itself was considered to be uncharted territory on any map of the land of the water. Many who went in died of poisoning rather than being eaten. It soon became known as a hell hole where no one dared to go to, shinobi were exiled there as punishments for crimes. It wasn't until Kizuna Marikawa was exiled to the bog did the Marikawa clan really begin.

After being exiled from her small village miles from the bog for killing 5 men defending her sister she is sent into the bog. For the first few months she struggled to survive. She constantly found herself getting sick from the various toxins in the bog but for some reason she didn't die. Though on her first day she came into contact with a female shinobi who was also exiled with them. On her first week of them within the bog they ate only the meat of the dead creatures. No one truely knows for sure why, but she seemed to continue to live even though she continued to eat diseased meat. It wasn't long before they came into contact with the salamander. After and hour of intense hunting the lizard died to both the shinobi and Kizuna. She then ate and even developed a taste for the lizards, known as a salamander.

After a year later she developed a settlement in the bog. She gathered all the exiled men and women. Each one ate the meat of the salamanders. It wasn't until decades later after Kizuna died did the clan begin to form and they began to realize their immunity to poisons and diseases and their ability to utilize poisons and venom. It wasn't long afterward until they began to work as mercenaries for other countries. The kage of kirigakure got word of this and while being angered that the clan wasn't offering their services to them ordered a genocide. The kage burned down the forest. Very few residents of the settlement escaped from the fire. Afterwards some of the clan began to travel around slowly dying out as they travel. The others in the clan attempted to fight back and are inevitably wiped out.The travelers even changed their name to avoid being attacked again. They never set foot in the land of water again. After hundreds of years have passed, the clan is scattered and are only known as the cursed people. They are considered the mark of disaster.
Marikawa Clan Fotor117
Kekkei Genkai: Jaakuna karada (Evil Body) & Toxin Release
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Clan Jutsu: (Your clan's secret jutsu. If any.)