General Information
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Name: Izaya Marikawa
Nickname/Alias: The Cursed Sword of Kusa
Age: 23
Gender: Male
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Izaya is a relatively short man. Standing at 5' 7" he tends to be smaller  than a lot of his comrades. Last time he checked he weighed around 145lbs. He has long hair that covers his eyes, ears and the back of his neck. He has blue eyes that many barely see under his hair. Most of the time he can be seen holding a umbrella in his hands. He also tends wear a his a samurai robe. The shirt is purple and has what looks to be stitch work all across it. The sleeves are rolled up revealing Izaya's arms whenever he is in the middle of research. He also wears a bead necklace as accessories. His necklace also seems to have what looks like the teeth of an animal in the them. While Rai couldn't tell you what they were exactly they look to be from a bear.

When Izaya is on his personal time he tends to wear a T-shirt. Usually it is covered with some sort of graphic design or may be some sort of advertisement for a nearby business/band. Most times it is just a blank T-Shirt. Under it he wears a pair of blue jeans due to his skinny body type they tend to be skinny jeans though to the naked eye he seems to be wearing normal fit. On his feet he can be seen wearing not just regular sneakers but the latest pair on the market... from three years ago.

When Izaya is entering any formal event he tends to try and look more mature than he usually does. He commits himself to the formal wear and will wear a charcoal black suit with matching black dress shoes. His accessories include a pair of black shades that sits comfortably on his face and a silver watch that is always sliding up and down Izaya's wrist.
Personality: In the past he was cruel and ruthless, and showed no mercy to enemies and allies alike. Initially, he showed no remorse or sadness when his subordinates died, as he only saw them as disposable tools. Once he lost his brother, he began to care more for human life and became much kinder but one thing about him never changed. Even as calm as he is he always demands respect, he does it without words. He merely radiates the power that demands respect. While Izaya has become alot less cruel over the years he hasn't lost his fangs. He is more than willing to deal with a problem when it arises. If needed he will back down to no one, not even a kage.

Izaya is a simple man. He likes to read, sleep, and eat. Most he see him and talk to him call him simple. He himself would agree with them. He is one that lacks true ambition, he has no desire to crush an enemy under his feet. His only desire in life is to live an easy one maybe with a pretty girl. One without war, without conquest, without struggle. He is a believer that the ends justifies the means. That if it means the overall safety of the majority would be saved by the temporary displeasure of that same majority, Izaya would stand beside the choice. Izaya also believes in the sanctity of a contract or a verbal agreement. Once the deal has been struck it will take a lot of convincing to make Izaya let go of the deal or to go back on his word.

Izaya can also be shy, he solemnly speaks unless he needs to and even he goes directly to the point. He also tends to seem happier when he is alone, because of this he tends to come off as a loner. He also takes mission or job he does with the utmost seriousness. He rarely attempts to do anything that can compromise the success of a mission and is even willing to put a teammate out of commission if it means accomplishing a mission easier.
Likes & Dislikes:
- Brats
- Drinking
- Nagging
- Pointless Conflict
Catch Phrase: "Power supposedly the exhibition of passionate."

Clan Information

Clan Name: Marikawa Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Evil Body & Toxin Release

Rank/ Village Information:
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Country: Kusa
Village Rank: Anbu
Skill Rank: A

Combat Information
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Skill Information
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Elemental Affinity:

Chakra Reserves:

Abilities :
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Background Information
 Izaya Marikawa WIP 71110
History: Izaya was born a young shinobi, bred for battle. The hospital where he was born in was attacked on the day of his birth. The assault that was done by the bandits around the area, they wanted something that was in the hospital. A weapon of great power that could only be used to cure almost any disease and inflict unimaginable harm on any enemy. A child of the dying Marikawa clan. In the battle Izaya's father Kumagawa Marikawa, died protecting him.

Years later Izaya became a genin for a small village. He was the top of his class, one could say he could do whatever he set his mind to. Whether it would be learning Taijutsu, Ninjitsu, or even genjutsu. Izaya accelerated at it. He learned it, but never could he truly grasp to master it. Probably because he was never truely interested in such things. As a child he mostly wanted to spend his time playing with friends rather than actually train or work on his ninjutsu. He was a boy with talent. A diamond in the rough. He spent his genin days lazing around... Though that all changed when he became a chunin.

War happened in the desert. Izaya had joined the Sunagakure restoration regime in order to restore his father's old country. Everyday was filled with battle. Men and Women dying, blood being spilt. Everyday Izaya took the life of someone he didn't know. As he fought in the war he felt something change inside of him. He felt a darkness grow inside of his heart. It changed him. Who were they before he killed them? What kind of lives did they lead? So many questions would spiral in his head as he fought them. It only seemed that he was only gaining a dark hatred of those around him. But one thing was certain at the time. It was kill or be killed and unfortunately for them, Izaya wanted to live. And live he did, fighting during those days... he slowly made a name for himself. As the Cursed Sword. During that time he had developed his bukijutsu in order to fight while reserving chakra.

During the war he met a few shinobi from different places. Some who were strong, some who were weak but very few of them stood out. Except for one, a konoichi... While Izaya never got her name he knew just how powerful she was. The few times that they fought on the battlefield whether against or with each other they both were usually the last one standing. Izaya would say that she might have been his first real rival but doesn't say much about her other than she was the first to really challenge him. Unfortunately during one of their encounters he lost his brother. He was impaled through the chest. At the end of the war Izaya was promoted to jounin and he became a bit less publicly known.

After becoming a jounin, Izaya became apart of an organization that planned to get rid of the Sunagakure's restoration regime leader. After years of playing around with the shinobi of Sunagakure sending them to their deaths. One of which included Izaya's brother. For the next few months Izaya began to move through the land of the sand doing missions and preparing himself to get rid of the Leader. He needed to hone his skill to kill the regime leader.

Not much is known about what Izaya did during his time after becoming a jounin. All they know is that he stopped showing up in the village and slowly most people forgot about him. That is, a leader of one of the desert tribes had been assassinated. Some said that Izaya was there when it happened. Some didn’t believe it. Then came the second sighting of Izaya attacking a caravan that was leaving the village. Though no one could really figure out if it was really him or not. but the last sighting which his identity was confirmed was his hand at the death of the Sunagakure regime leader. Afterwards he disappeared from the sand village to be preyed on by the earth countries.

He later found himself in front of the Kusagakure. He was tired of running and after a few months of convincing he was able to receive the trust of the kage and became a shinobi of the land hidden in the sand. Which happened after he nearly lost his life in a conflict between the two. Of course he wasn't alone, there were multiple people who came from the sand village to join Kusagakure. Though Izaya was the one leading them. They pledge their allegiance to Kusagakure.
RP Sample: Footsteps could be heard as a single man trotted through the wasteland. The man's clothes were in rags and he held nothing in his hands but a Kusarigama. Fortunately the sight of a weapon in the hands of a man wasn't uncommon though the look in his eyes was. Unlike the men, women, and child in the wasteland his eyes weren't dead. His eyes were filled with life, as though he was saying "I'm going to live and I won't let this place be my coffin". His pace alone showed that he had a destination rather than mindlessly wandering. But where? The man made his way through the wasteland until he found himself a place to eat. It wasn't easy. Food was always scarce in the wasteland. Places that served food was even scarcer.

Sitting in a small hut that radiated heat, Izaya ordered his food. He didn't order for anything special, just some rice as it was the cheapest thing Izaya could think of. Besides they didn't have a menu. Tapping his finger against the tabletop Izaya patiently waited for his food. Izaya looked around to find himself being stared at. People weren't use to the activity and whimsical gesture that Izaya did by tapping on the table. Some looked surprised while others stared back down in their glob of greyish goop that one could call a meal.

It wasn't long until the rice came. Izaya placed his Kusarigama on the ground infront of himself and began to scarf down the rice. The rice was bland but Izaya didn't care. If he was going to get out of this place he was going to need energy. After finishing his first bowl Izaya looked at the waitress as if to ask for another. The waitress stood stunned before giving him another bowl. Izaya didn't waste anytime finishing the second, then the third, and finally a fourth before being kicked out. After finally being kicked out for eating a bit too much without money he began to search for a place to sleep. It was getting late and the sun began to go down. Walking to a somewhat secluded area he climbed into a tree and began to relax in the branches, alone. Which unfortunately didn't last long as he noticed a young woman walking by where he was relaxing. He thought about saying something but decided to keep his mouth shut and see if she would walk pass him without saying anything.