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descriptionIn Enters the King of Bijuu [closed Bijuu training] EmptyIn Enters the King of Bijuu [closed Bijuu training]

Out here on the outskirts of Amegakure no sato, no one will hear him, although they may feel his power...his killing intent, the Kyuubi that is. His black cloak kept most of the moisture from his body on his way here. He did not want to be distracted by the rain but used its drops to think carefully on what he should do. The clouds were beginning to part and a few rays of sunlight shone through. The weather began to ease up a bit as he approached the border, away from the rain.

Within himself...he saw him. That menacing and hateful glare of the monster that lived within him from a child. Its teeth a gleaming yellow and his eyes a crimson red at it glared at him.

"Hey fox...its been a while I have not had the cause to talk to you like this."

[Eh? What of it? I, the King of Bijuu does not need to be caressed with your words...Ryuzaki]

"That maybe so, but I know you as well as you know me...Kyuubi. I surely did not come to caress you of all things with my words. Of that I am certain."

[Why have you come before me? If you do not want to release me...then I dont see the need for talk.]

As always, the Nine tails' pride was keeping him from obeying him. A trait he grew tired of. It was time for him to be used as the weapon he is.

" grow weak inside that prison."


"You heard me. You grow weak inside there. That is why you wish not to speak with me. Youre just too..."

And with that, massive claws from an orange paw clashed against the gate in a thunderous bang as the claws almost reached Ryuzaki. But this was not the first time he did this. Ryuzaki knew exactly how far to stand in front of the cage. He had the Kyuubi where he wanted now it was to push a little more.

[You little brat! Come closer to the gate...and we will see just how weak I am.]

"No will lend me your strength and you will give me your by one."

[You think to highly of yourself...Ryuuzaki] said the nine tails. [When I come out of this prison I am going to skewer you.]

"When we come to that bridge we shall cross it. Now come!"

Ryuzaki was back to the outside world as orange chakra erupted all around his body. His face took a feral look to it as his hair even took the look of thick blue fur more than human hair. His body was now totally engulfed by the nine tails chakra as if gave off a killer intent that could have been felt had it been if someone was there. But Ryuzaki's plan worked, no one will even know of this training...not this time at least. It would be dangerous for anyone to be close to him right now.

512 words, First Tail Unlocked

In Enters the King of Bijuu [closed Bijuu training] Blackstar_banner_by_whenamishattack

descriptionIn Enters the King of Bijuu [closed Bijuu training] EmptyRe: In Enters the King of Bijuu [closed Bijuu training]

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