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The Hyuuga had spit on up blood that would splatter on the kitsune mask Yaska had made himself.  The young Uchiha watched as the life left the eyes of this white eyes ANBU OP of Otogakure.  As he removed his blade the fallen shinobi dropped to the ground, filling the soil with crimson fluid.  A gentle breeze from the east caused the trees to ruffle in a way to mourn the death of the fallen soul.  Yaska on the other hand just marked it as another mission he had completed.  We were given life as a gift and if we ruin that gift, it can be easily taken as it was given.  

Yaska turned his attention to the rest of his surroundings checking to make sure no other operatives were in the vicinity.  The Uchiha of Hoshi lifted his mask revealing that his Sharingan had reverted back to his original ebony and ivory tone.  Yaska then turned his gaze on the corpse that was before him, he knew exactly what he needed to do and that the Hoshikage would want him to make an example to enemy nations.

“I wasn’t always like this you know… I believed in a time that peace would reign forever.  I believed that as long as I had my eyes I would be the most dominant shinobi.”  Yaska paused as he pulled out his field kit and prepared an area next to him with various tools for surgery.  

He turned his attention back to his fallen opponent and continued.  “I believed that the Uchiha were the greatest and that through our will we would restore our rightful home.  But you know something my friend.  I was naïve and a fool.  You taught me this today.  You showed me my weakness and for that I will honor you by removing the treasured eyes of your clan, so that they may not fall into the wrong hands.”  Yaska said lifting a scalpel and spinning it with relative ease in between each finger.

Yaska began to removal of the Byakugan placing each of the eyes in a vial of liquid chakra that would preserve the eyes until they could returned to the village.  Once he sealed the lid he stood to his feet and turned his head to the clouds that were slowly passing by, having no direction or guidance.  The mission was a success and maybe studying the Byakugan he could figure out a way to incorporate their abilities with his own.  The only mountain he had to climb was increase his proficiency in Medical and Sealing Jutsu as he was lacking in both.  

So this is how far you have come… pathetic child of mine… I will show you the true path and you will awaken as my cursed vessel…

A voice casually spoke from behind Yaska.  This voice was all too familiar to the young Uchiha, it was the voice of the one who provoked him during the Chunin Exam’s ten years ago.  Yaska was taken back there as he watched the beating of Hana replay over and over.  At that moment the voice came to him telling him he did not know how to use his power and he would show him.  The nightmare of that day, had not only scarred Yaska but, made him into the shinobi he was today.  Taking lives without any care in the world as long as he could protect his family he would kill as many people needed to see them come too no harm.

An ominous hand radically glowing with Inton chakra rested on the right shoulder of the ANBU Captain.  “It has been ten years my child and you are only at this level… you are pathetic.”  The corrupted voice of the shade that was taking form remarked in disappointment.  Yaska was frozen in place and could not move, something was restricting him and his chakra.  He could not speak or move, even in an attempt to activate his doujutsu the chakra was cut off much like how the Hyuuga could seal tenketsu using Jyuken.

“How arrogant are you boy?  Do you really think you can over power my chakra?”  The shade laughed as he turned Yaska around and picked him up by his lower jaw and held him into the air.  “Now then… boy, let me show you what real fear is.”  The shade said in an echoing demonic voice as his eyes turned into a form Yaska had never seen before.  They began to spin violently releasing onyx chains made of Inton.  The chains pierced Yaska’s body killing him on contact, causing the light to leave his eyes.

Yaska-kun… you can’t fall asleep… wake up!

The voice of Hana rang in his mind causing the thought to be dead Yaska to awaken.  He slowly opened his eyes, which he struggled with as he could feel a weight, no, a pressure that was so intense his every movement felt as if he was in a pit of sludge.  All of his senses were heightened in this place, he could hear the darkness, feel the darkness, taste it, and even smell the blood that had been shed.

“Wha…what, is this place?  Wh… Where am I?”  Yaska struggled to say as his mouth felt to be held together in some manner.  Looking down he could see Inton threads sewn in between his upper and bottom lip.  His eyes opened wider at this and he tried to move his arms to remove them but, his movements were restricted by chains made of the same chakra.  The young Uchiha struggled to try and free himself but he couldn’t and where ever he was it felt as though his chakra was being siphoned by the restraints that held him.

“Don’t panic boy, you cannot do anything in this place…  If you were like me then you would have easily removed those chains and lopped of my head.  But because you are weak, you are a result of your own failure.”  A voice said as footsteps could be heard drawing nearer and nearer to him.   Each step echoing throughout this realm of darkness.  The figure drew closer with every stride he became more tangible and more detailed.  Yaska’s eyes widened to the point of his eyelids ripping what, no who he saw before him shocked him.

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He wore an onyx colored kimono, with a grey sash that was tied to the left side of his abdomen, which covered his slate colored pants which were snuggly tucked in his shin height, leather boots. Around his torso to his chest and covering the majority of his back was a ruffled cape that hung from the right side of his shoulder and crossed his chest flowing out towards his back. On the center it was the Uchiha crest with the kanji for Yomi no Sharingan in the white portion of the fan. His hair was silver from the right side of his head to the middle of his back while the rest of his hair was a brick re. The style in which he wore it was spiky on the top and then melding together at the bottom into three separate spikes. In his belt he had sheathe his swords which he used to slaughter the masses with relative ease.

“Do you even know who I am boy? Do you know what it means to be a god?” The mysterious man said as he made a simple hand seal and released the threads from Yaska mouth. They were not removed with care but instead were forcibly ripped out causing blood to spirt from the lips of Yaska.

“AAAAHHH!” Yaska cried out as the pain was so intense it felt like his jaw was ripped from his head. His pain receptors were going haywire and he did not know why. It was either this place or the level of the strength this man possessed was unreal. The man took out a pipe that was about forty centimeter long, he took a drag from it and blew the smoke, which was Inton into the face of Yaska.

“Allow me to introduce myself to you boy, being as I am your father, it would be rude of me not to disclose my name.” The man said as a cheshire grin spread across his face.
“Akujin Uchiha, The God of Calamity, and The Scourge of Darkness at your service… well technically you serve me, boy.” Akujin laughed as he was now directly in the face of Yaska.

“Do you know what you are? What your purpose is in this world boy?” Akujin asked as he tapped his pipe expelling the ash that had collected in the bowl. Yaska lifted his head, spitting some of the blood that dripped from his lips unto the ground. “I ‘am Yaska Uchiha and my purpose is to protect my family, protect Hana Hyuuga, and serve Hoshigakure until my last breath.” Yaska muttered as blood trickled from his lips.

Akujin let out a sigh as he placed his pipe away and clapped his hands sarcastically. “Bravo, boy you said that as if you were being questioned at a Kage Summit! Your mama and papa raised a worthless load of shit.” Akujin said as he stop clapping and shifted his head form left to right cracking his neck. “Much better, now then let me show you who you really are…boy.” The Elder Uchiha whispered in a sinister voice as he closed his eyes. Yaska could sense that an ominous, immense chakra was surrounding him, the pressure form it was so intense Yaska could barely breathe. He could not escape do to the chains that restrained him, so all he could do was watch in horror as the next step of this procedure was taking place before him.

Akujin’s eyes turned into a form that Yaska had never seen before. He had heard of Uchiha reaching the Mangekyou Sharingan and even going a step further reaching the Rinnegan but, this doujutsu before him was something on another level. It was completely black, appearing to be vacuums of darkness instead of eyes. Yaska could feel every negative emotion a human could possess, anger, anxiety, shame, depression, cruelty, jealousy, confusion, sadness, but the one that stood out the most was fear. It was the one emotion that could rule over any being. The hooks fear produce can cause entire nations to crumble and just as Yaska was thinking all of this arrows made of darkness, or vectors burst from these eyes of fear.

The dark vectors pierced Yaska’s body forcing crimson fluid the splatter in every direction. They punctured his arms, legs, abdomen, hands, feet, neck, and head. Yaska wailed in the degree of pain he was feeling at that very moment.
Akujin Uchiha walked up to his captured vessel so that he could see the agony he was feeling. “You see, boy, I am the master of the Yomi no Sharingan. It was given to me as gift, no a reward for my will to become the god of the shinobi world. It chose me to be the herald of chaos, the forerunner of domination. It has even allowed me to traverse time and space creating you so that my legacy will continue to live on.” Akujin paused as he retracted the vectors that pierced Yaska and pulled his lifeless body from the chains that bound him tearing even more of his flesh.

“Boy, this is the day of your ascension, you will become the next Akujin and you will spread my seed throughout the land making the Akujin name the new dominant bloodline of the shinobi world.”
Akujin explained as his hand dropped to his sash which held his swords and drew one of the legendary blades from its sheath. These swords resembled the same blades Yaska had used in the Chunin Exam, these swords had a name but do to Yaska’s weakness he did not know them.

“First task complete: Drain the blood of impurity from the vessel. Second task: Release the seal on the vessels chakra and infuse it with Inton.” Akujin said listing in order his plan to be reborn. The Uchiha of Darkness gripped his blade and forced it deep into the heart of the already gimp Yaska. “Third task: Assimilation…” The ancestor of Yaska sinisterly laughed as his body savagely began to fire vectors into the chest cavity of Yaska causing his body to seize violently. This lasted for about ten minutes with the last vector of darkness sealing up his chest like a zipper leaving a strange seal on his lower left pectoral.


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The voice of Akujin Uchiha rang through the halls of the location Yaska did not know. The lifeless body of Yaska levitated about a meter from the ground which was covered in his blood. There was a black, eerie glow enveloping his body and there was a subtle peace that filled the void. Yaska’s right, middle finger twitched and his head jerked upwards towards the voids empty atmosphere. With a hellish roar Yaska burst with Inton causing black vectors to fire from his eyes, hands, feet, back, mouth, and chest. The black vectors danced around chaotically ricochet off the nothingness from which they were born. A few turned into hands that resembled an infants and retrieved the red life fluid that was on the ground.

The dark vectors then paused as they all rushed back into Yaska’s body dragging along the blood that was spilt, turning it black as it reentered Yaska’s, now fully repaired body. Yaska’s body now full with new life descended back to the ground with his head lowered and a sadistic grin split across his face form cheek to cheek.
He was laughing softly to himself as Inton chakra spread about him in the form of electricity. He lifted his hands and gazed at them, admiring the new changes that had happened to him. He would open and close his hands watching dark chakra pump through his system. He felt different, he felt stronger, smarter, and bloodlust.

“Ancestor… this is what… this is what you wanted.” Yaska said to himself as he continued to grin like a demon.

You are now worth my time. We cannot waste any more time here. This is a place of my doing a realm within a realm in which only you may enter. It is Yomi no Kuni, the Underworld for lack of a better words. Leave this place via your Yomi no Sharingan and find the Black Snake Sage, she will be the second test to your rise as Akujin.

Yaska’s ancestor said from inside of his head. He could not hear him with great clarity as if his voice was his own. The young Uchiha looked down and noticed the swords that his parents had lent him were resting on the ground. Picking them up and placing them through the sash that was wrapped around his abdomen, he held out his hand and ripped open the void. Yaska did not utter a word as he was translated through time and space back to the location he had started. A dark wormhole opened up as Yaska was standing directly over the decaying body of the Hyuuga he had slain.
He was surprised to see that the body had rotted so much, even though he had only killed him.

“I must have been in some kind of stasis. Time seems to have been moving at the normal rate, while I was unaffected by it.” Yaska paused as he removed his forehead protector from his head and stared at the Hoshigakure symbol. “I wonder what has become of the village and Hana?” Yaska thought to himself as his mind flashed with memories of people being slaughtered, destruction, and death. These memories were not his own but of someone else… Akujin Uchiha.

Oh yes as my vessel, you will become me losing yourself to my chakra and being reborn. It is a process you will endure. If you succeed you will even be able to save that white eyed girl you are so in love with.

Akujin clarified for Yaska, knowing that his love for Hana would cause him to act without regret.
“I can save her… with this chakra? Do you sell me false dreams Ancestor!?” Yaska yelled out loud even though no one was present.

I do not lie, with great power you can do and become anything. Now enough you are far from being able to protect yourself. You must meet with the Black Snake Sennin, she will give you the remaining of my power. From there we will both make this world… anew.

Akujin explained as his voice faded back into the deep recesses of Yaska’s mind. The young Uchiha needed to head back to the village and report that the mission was completed. Hopefully no one pronounced him dead or missing in his absence. He would need to up hold his standing in Hoshigakure to better prepare himself for the trials to come. Akujin was right, he was not ready for the true shinobi world, his fight with the Hyuuga proved it.

“First I must learn the art of sealing so I will stand a chance against the threats that I will face, then I must speak with my mother on medical jutsu and the science of chakra transfer. After that I will ask the Hoshikage for a leave of absence. I must make it appear that I will be on a long mission, but what could I say?” Yaska paused as he turned his attention to the trees above and began to jump from branch to branch heading towards the Kage Office of Hoshigakure.

Yaska’s mind suddenly came up with a plan that would assure him a long enough leave that the shinobi of his village would not suspect anything. “I will ask Lord Yoake if I can begin my Sannin, that way I can reach the level of ranking where I can go as I please and I will earn the up most respect of family and friends.” Yaska said in his mind as the village grew closer and closer to him.

“Operation Revival of Yomi no Kuni…begin!” Yaska said in his voice and Akujin’s.

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