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descriptionSearching for the Hokage

Baiko lead an army of skeletons out to the border of the lands between Ame and Kusa. His plan was to find the remains of the former Hokages that lived before him. He had 100 skeletons, each scouring and digging through various mounds and low spots, returning the ground to normal after they were done. He sighed as he looked over the ground around him. There has to be a way to find these. I can't keep looking for ages. He thought as he knew it would take a long time. He kept moving forward slowly, knowing that he would have to answer to any Kusa ninja, even though he messaged their kage about this little quest of his. He sighed as he just kept moving forward until a skeleton noticed a bit of bones. He ran over hoping that his quest had ended, or at least the first leg of the path. At least if he finds one set it will help him find the rest of them. He slowly make his way up to the skeleton. He sighs as he pushes the skeleton out of the way, only to find the bones of a fox. Well, something is better than nothing I guess. Still wish that it was what I was looking for. He reaches into his big cloak, looking for the one thing that will help him here. He brings out a scroll, sighing as he places it just next to the bones that were found. He sighs as he places his hand on the ground. "Ninpō: Sukerutonshīru." He said as the scroll sent the bones off to his storage. He watched the process happen, then rolled the scroll back together. He slowly picked it up, looking at it for a moment. This is gonna be while. He sighed, putting the scroll, back into the pocket of his cloak. He looked over to the back of the skeleton army as he saw his beloved Asura finally arrived onto the field. He then began making his way back over to her and sighs. “Asura, good of you to arrive. Unfortunately, I have yet to make any headway in securing the skeletons of the three Hokage. It will probably be sometime before I get much further. At least I’ve got the army looking, rather than having to hunt this down myself.” He sighed as he looked over to the beauty.
Asura sighed, knowing it would be a long day. Unlike her husband who had a tendency to keep his hood up, she always left hers down. Her long silky brown hair was always on display for the world to see and her emerald eyes were always jewels to the village. She was the nicer of the two, but she knew Baiko was nicer with her around. She also knew that Baiko would do anything to expand himself and Amegakure, now that it was his to command. “So what do you plan to do if you can’t find them?” She asked, wondering if he had thought it through. She sighed as she brushed off her cloak.
He looked towards her as he chuckled. “You should know by now that I always have a plan B. Granted it is not the best, but I have a plan B.” He stretched a bit, before looking over the vast army. “Do you think I should have brought out more skeletons?” He said, wondering if it will even make a difference if more skeletons were included. He sighed as he walked over to a skeleton that was digging in a huge mound. “You should ignore that mound. It seems that there was once a stone structure here that is under this dirt.” He pointed to the large rock towards the top of it. He sighed as he tried to get the skeleton to move away from the mound. He walked back over to Asura as he merely shook his head. “Maybe I should have tried to use people. At least they seem to know the difference between a mound formed by structure and a mound formed by grave.” He then sighed as he looked back over the expansive collective.

Asura giggled as she hugged her husband. “Don’t worry. I know you have thought this out well enough. There is no way that you don’t have enough skeletons. You are covering a huge terrain and making sure to get every little spot. If something is out there, then they will find it.” She began to set up a blanket, hoping that she could set up a little spot for relaxation. She smiled and whistled to herself, having herself a bit of a relaxing time out and about. She was happy not to have to worry about the village for a bit. “We will have to head back soon. Hopefully we have enough time to find them and then look into eating as well.” She smiled happily as she reached into her cloak. “Where or where could it be? I know it’s in here somewhere. There! There we go.” She pulled out a brush, as she could hear a sigh come from Baiko. “Don’t you even. There is never a bad time to brush your hair.” She sat down so that she could take care of what she needed to. She slowly began to brush her hair, making sure to get through any knots as she made sure her hair would remain as silky smooth as it always was. She would always run her hair behind her brush, always making sure that her hair was to her liking. She was adamant that she always had a brush on her, despite Baiko’s bickering that it was not a useful tool to have on her at all times.
He sighed as he took out another scroll from his cloak. “I guess we should bring out the food since it is going to be a while since anything more is found.” He laid the scroll out in front of her as she sighed. He watched her make the necessary hand signs and then place her hand on the ground, summoning the food. He sat down, near her, and began organizing and setting out the food for the two of them. “This food looks delicious. I can’t wait to eat it up. You are such as amazing cook.” He began eating his share, enjoying what he could while Asura brushed her hair. He sighed, looking beyond to find only skeletons tearing apart ground to no avail.
Asura looked over at him and sighed. “You know, if you keep looking at them, this won’t go any faster. It will just go slower and slower.” She reached back into her cloak and put the brush away. She then reached down and grabbed some food for herself. She began snacking on it as she giggles. “Don’t worry, we will find it eventually. You shouldn’t panic yourself. Bit by bit we will scour this land and we will find those bones. You will have your hokages doing as you command.” She smiled as she continued to eat her sandwich.
Baiko nodded, as he ate his food. “Yea, I need to not panic too quickly. Once I have their remains, it will be all but the end. I’ll have what I need to protect my village.” He finished his food and stood up to stretch. He stretched out his limbs, wondering what the next journey would be. He walked over to one of the skeletons and noticed a deep mound with a piece of red armor on it. “No way. Is this really it?” He began digging out the mound. He smiled as he came upon his prize. “The bones of the first Hokage! I’ve finally found them.” He smiled as he began pulling them out of the ground. He pulls out the scroll from within his cloak. He laid the scroll out in front of the bones. "Ninpō: Sukerutonshīru." He said as the scroll sent the bones off to his storage. He looked around, knowing that the next two sets of bones should be nearby. He picked up the scroll and began looking around He looked for a similar mound, finding it below a tree nearby. “Here it is. The Second Hokage’s grave.” He smirked as he began digging out the bones. “I will have them all! I will have my army!” He laid out the scroll once again, placing it next to the bones. "Ninpō: Sukerutonshīru." The scroll sent the bones off to his storage as he smirked. “So close to my goal. So close to my ultimate goal.” He smirked as he picked up the scroll again. “Only one more left to go." The bones of the Third Hokage, the last Hokage of this village. He began scrambling around until a skeleton notified him of a discovery. He ran over to the skeleton and helped it dig up a set of bones in armor. “No mistaking it, these are the bones of the Third Hokage.” He laid the scroll down and unraveled it. “The last one, no mistakes here. Ninpō: Sukerutonshīru." He said, smirking. The scroll sent the bones off to his storage. He picked up the scroll as he got back up. “Asura, we are done here. Time to go.” The pair nodded to each other and began their trek back to the Amekage’s mansion.
Jutsu used:
Name: Ninpō: Sukerutonshīru
Rank: D
Type: Fuinjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Using this technique, he seals a skeleton within his storage which holds his 

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