General Information
Raikou Idaten [WIP] Fotor115
Name: Raikou Idaten
Shiroyasha (White Demon)
Storm Bringer
The Shikigami of Storms
The Storm of Ame
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Raikou is quite young in appearance, he looks to only be about fifteen when really he is two years older. It doesn't seem to concern him though and everyone comments on how the size and statue of his body actually benefit his fighting style. The boy has pure white hair, hence why people can usually pick him out in a crowd although it is quite strange it is accepted due to his reputation and rank. His hair is messily styled to have a swept over fringe with his short cut hairstyle.

His eyes are a deep shade of light blue, turquoise specifically. They are usually calm and sometimes amused, the trait about Raikou is you can always tell what his emotion is by his eyes, if he is angry or sad anything really. They are usually half closed in boredom and he rarely finds anything interesting. His mouth is tight set and his skin tone is slightly tanned despite the sun being usually blocked out from Amegakure's near constant rain.

An individual who wears something out of the norm he can often be seen in an attire which have a traditional Japanese appearance in style, his top is folded like a traditional kimono although other than that he also wears a hakama which is black like his top. He wears a white obi, just a plain white bandage which he uses and has a pouch located on the side for weapons such as kunai and shuriken. On the back of his waist is sometimes a larger scroll which I used for sealing and Fuuinjutsu.

On top of his attire is a haori, it is plain white with a diamond on the back and in the diamond is the kanji for "ten". This is his shinobi team's number. The haori is also decorated with a black diamond pattern on the hem line of the haori. It is dark green on the underside of the cloak. Always on his outfits no matter what it is, he will always have his jade piece of fabric which is a scarf. It is quite ragged and torn in some places but it is sacred to him. He also has a sword, a basic katana which he obtained in his past, he has named the sword "Fuyutokushi" and it has a four point star guard, the blade is perfect and he takes excellent care of it.

Personality: When someone first meets the young shinobi they will more likely than not instantly feel either intimidated by him or curious, he has a mysterious aura and will usually keep an angry scowl on his face when meeting new people. It is incredibly difficult to be able to get close to him; he pushes people away and tries to keep them away from him. He does this out of fear that they will get hurt being in his presence.

Now once you get through his cold exterior you reach a nicer and warmer side of him. He is a kind person and deeply cares for his village, in fact he value Amegakure to an incredibly level and will support it no matter what, he does this as he feels he owes Ame a debt and he always pays back his debts. He finds it hard to socialise despite his will to protect he finds it incredibly difficult to form friendships with his allies and subordinates. Instead he usually sticks to himself and avoids others.

Despite being incredibly dangerous for a Jōnin he has earned the titles he has through a fearsome reputation. He prefers to avoid battle and this is because once he gets involved in it he will only stop if he deems it necessary such as if he is in a spar or he is ordered to by a superior. If in a confrontation with no limits he will always aim to kill his opponents.

Likes & Dislikes:
1+ Reading
2+ Training
3+ High Places
4+ Rain
5+ Dark Places
1- Interruptions
2- Idleness 
3- Summer
4- Being restrained
5- Bright Lights (Unless caused by lightning)
Catch Phrase: 
"Lightning is my sword. Water is my Shield, together they will both kill you."
"I am like lightning, I will only strike once and never in the same place. Why? Because I kill you where you stand."

Clan Information

Clan Name: Idaten
Kekkei Genkai: Ice Release (Hyōton) and Storm Release (Ranton). Raikou can utilise these two advance releases even if he lacks all the components. This is why he can use Ice Release with simply the Water Release.

The Tenraigan
Also unknown to all members of the clan is a unique Doujutsu known as the Tenraigan (Divine Eye), from the left eye it casts the space-time ninjutsu: "Kanna" and from its right eye it casts the unique jutsu "The Hand of the Thunder God".

Naturally however both eyes share traits which are common. Just as it seems to be a mutation of the Sharingan it is rumoured to have come from the Raiga Clan where it stated dormant. The Tenraigan works different but acts like a inverted Sharingan, it grants the ability to see chakra and perceive extremely fast movements although to a different form as even though it perceives hand-signs the user can't copy ninjutsu although they can copy Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. 

This makes it very different but very alike due to the strange nature as it only has one stage unable to change or evolve it will always remain the same to everyone no matter how much you mutate it. 

Rank/ Village Information:
Raikou Idaten [WIP] 0910
Country: Rain
Village Rank: Jōnin
Skill Rank:

Combat Information
Raikou Idaten [WIP] 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty: 
Main: Ninjutsu
00 in all unmentioned categories..

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton
Sub: Suiton

Strength: 7
Speed: 100
Stamina: 40
Agility: 66
Endurance: 11
Chakra Reserves: 50
Intelligence: 26

Abilities :
Raikou Idaten [WIP] Fotor116

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Background Information
Raikou Idaten [WIP] 71110
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