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General Information
Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] Fotor115
Name: Isuma, Sarutobi
Nickname/Alias: "Jinpachi"
Age: 28 Years Old 
Gender: Male
Looks: Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] 2s0ifqw
Isuma wore several different outfits. One of the most commonly seen of these is what he wore during his off duty times. a black T-shirt with white stripes in the middle of the sleeves, additional sleeves over his arms, metal arm protectors, leather straps around his back and chest, and dark pants. Prior to its destruction, his family's Silver Katana was kept in a small holder in the middle of his back. As an Anbu he is also shown dress drifferently, like most Anbu, he had a simple blue suit with a grey flak jacket, strapped up sandals, arm guards, and plated gloves that went up to his elbows. His Anbu mask resembled a dog's face with red and black markings around the eyes, sides, and mouth.

Personality: Despite being born in a rowdy and courageous clan, Isamu is more of the reserved and wise type. However, when a woman he deems beautiful or sexually pleasing, he will pounce. Maybe not literally, but he will attempt to engage the woman in romantic conversation. Overall, he will remain a quite source of strength and wisdom until the right moment overcomes him or when he's consumed too much sake. Generally, he is the one to go to for strategic, romantic, and intellectual advice if you feel you need it. Don't be surprised to see him challenge you to a good fight. He adores robust spars and battles.

As stated before, Isamu is both a lover and a fighter, and fighting simply puts a fire in his belly. That could simply be his strong heart and spirit talking, but it is one of his favorite things. Great fighters go accordingly. He simply hates a ninja, samurai, or fighter that refuses to fight or runs away from one. Sure, someone that knows that they are no match, a weak genin against an advanced jounin for example, is an exception to this rule. Obviously someone of equal rank to you shouldn't run from the fight, or at least give up without a fight. Or maybe that's just his motto. Since becoming a rouge ninja, his philosophies and ideals may have been clouded and may have become harsh. But that simply comes with the title, right? 

Despite being a rogue ninja, though, Isamu is quite kind, or at least kinder than what he should be for someone on the wanted list. For example, he will not live an adorable kitten in the rain. He'd prefer to place that kitten in shelter and save it from the cruel weather. However, he will not hesitate to flip his kindness into dark and cunning behavior to maim anyone in his way.His wisdom and kindness should not be taken for granted, for his wrath would take its place. 

Likes & Dislikes: Training, Woman, Genins, Learning, And Drinking.

Lossing, Traitors, Cowards, Sharingan, And Over Used Power.
Catch Phrase: "Learn from your mistakes, and grow as a warrior", "you will never defeat me" 

Clan Information

Clan Name: Sarutobi Clan 
Kekkei Genkai: Eruption Release 

Rank/ Village Information:
Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] 0910
Country: Water fall
Village Rank: Anbu
Skill Rank: A

Combat Information
Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty: 
Ninjutsu: 61
Medical Ninjutsu 0
Fuuninjutsu: 0
Genjutsu: 0
Taijutsu: 61
Bukijutsu: 38
Kenjutsu: 0
Puppetary: 0

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Eruption 
Sub: ~

Strength: 30 + 10 
Speed: 50
Stamina: 50
Agility: 50
Endurance: 50
Chakra Reserves: 50
Intelligence: 50

Abilities :
Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] Fotor116
Spoiler :
Name: Eruption Release: Dynatic Dragon Explosion 
Rank: A Rank 
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user inhales air and mixes the air with the eruption chakra. Then the user will exhale a light red almost orange colored dragon. The dragon is 3 feet long and 5 feet wide making it pretty hard to counter and the speed is traveling is fast and force are enought to destroy and demolish a forest. 

Name: Eruption Release: Erupt-Rasengan 
Rank: B Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user will focus eruption chakra to his/her palm. Once this is done the air that passes threw his palms will rotate around it creating a sphere like ball. The user will dash at the target and with the technique they slam it to there chest, burning them to a 3rd degree and making them rotate counter clockwise as they spin away.

Name: Eruption Release: Falcon Bunch 
Rank: B Rank
Type: Taijutsu
Description: The user will focus eruption chakra into there fist as they pull there hand backwards. In a punch like stance infront of the target, the fist will turn orange as if it was covered in lava then fire rings will circle the first. Once the user contacts the target/enemy it wil send them flying backwards chrasging into anything in its path, breaking, burning, and dislocated any bones, skin, and organs.

Name: Eruption Release: Eruption Armor
Rank: S Rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user will cloak/cover/surround themselfs with eruption chakra allowing themself to be a walking fire ball of destruction. The users Taijutsu attack become more dangerous and the users Fire/Eruption Ninjutsu become get +1 rank boost,(If a fire technique is B rank with the armor it becomes A rank.) The armor is not affected by Taijutsu nor Puppetry.

Name: Erution Release: Godly Eruption Technqiue 
Rank: S Rank
Type: Taijutsu
Description: The user will be infront of its targer/enemy, as he kicks him up into the sky about 10-15 feets up,then he will jump the same hight. As he will indulge both his first in eruption chakra as he will hit away until reaching 99 hits. The last hit he will take all the chakra from both fist to one and punch him down to the ground. Almost killing him or killing him if he was already damage.

Name: Sage Art Eruption Release: Great Crumbling
Rank: S Rank 
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user will inhale a huge amount of air into there lugs and mix it with eruption chakra. Exhaling an avalanche of fire straight to the enemy. The wideness of the technique is 20 feet wide and the length is 25 feet tall, impossible to counter by moving. 

Name: Sage Art Eruption Release: Running Bomb
Rank: A Rank 
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user inhales air i to its lungs and mixes chakra with air, then exhales the chakra into the attack. Greating a table size eruption ball, that once it makes contact with any surface it will explode creating an explosion that can destroy a forest. 

Name: Sage Art Eruption Release: Erupt-Rasenshuriken 
Rank: S Rank 
Type: Ninjutsu 
Description: The user combines his Eruption chakra with the wind chakra to creat a rasengan then gives it shape to look like a shuriken. The user can toss it or make direct contact with the attack, once the targer is hit by the attack it will send him flying with the technique until it stops and creates a massive explosion burning him and cutting him. 

Name: Sage Art Eruption Release: Great Flame Flowers 
Rank: S Rank 
Type: Senjutsu 
Description: Kneading his chakra and then converting it to fire, the user creates a multitude of fireballs at the same time which then rain down on the target causing severe, widespread damage around the field. These fireballs can easily destroy Earth Release-created shelters and even overpower Water Release attacks.

Name: Sage Art Eruption Release: Dragon Eruption Release Song Technique 
Rank: A Rank 
Type: Senjutsu 
Description: As with its individual version, the user compresses a large amount ofchakra built up inside their body, before expelling it in the form of a number of dragon head-shaped fireballs. The user then skilfully manipulates the great fire, and attacks their opponent.

Background Information
Isuma Sarutobi [Takigakure, Anbu] 71110
History: Isamu Sarutobi grew up in the heroic village of Takigakure; the Village Hidden in Waterfall. This sinewy village housed and still houses powerful shinobi and legends of the past eras. The Sarutobi were one of the clans in the village to have the most rugged shinobi. They've owned Takikages, ANBU, ROOT members, etc. Their power and skill is barely matched to most within the village. Which held high expectations for people within the clan, Isamu especially. He is the clan leader's eldest child and it was his duty to uphold the Sarutobi name. As a child, kids were slightly afraid to upset a Sarutobi, Isamu in particular. Isamu always felt a sliver of anger and distaste for his family's strong heritage, but thanks to that background of wisdom and strength, Isamu didn't have many people test him.

However, he didn't let his family speak for his strength, he used his intelligence and fists to do the talking for him instead. He excelled in his young studies, but not because of his genes, but because of his diligence and determination. His father's pushing and discipline played a role in his excellent academy grades as well. He refused to let his lineage pressure him into cracking and falling behind. He lived up to his clan's name and graduated from the academy slightly earlier than his comrades. People envied his strength and intelligence, not just his clan. He was one person in Takigakure that inspired people to do their best. After graduating, he decided he'd train on his own and refused the squad invitations.

Isamu trained in seclusion. He would do most of his training near waterfalls for the extra soothing sounds and the pressure on his back. During his young age of training, his body lengthened and became just as sinewy as his village and his family. Missions and jutsu were a piece of cake for someone of his caliber, or at least the ones he happened to accept during that time. His prowess was recognized by the current Takikage and he was ranked up without the Chuunin Exams. His intelligence began to peak as he ventured outside of the village on expert missions that the Takikage allowed him to do. His eyes began to open wider than before, figuratively speaking. His intelligence would begin to decipher into wisdom over not time. His great skill as a shinobi granted him a promotion in Takigakure ranks.

Now that he was sixteen, his sexual prowess grew. He journeyed into the world of women and his view of them changed. Yes, he did, and still does, respect them, but he now loves them for more than their wit and odd excellence when it comes to cooking. Some people viewed him as a pervert, but his toned body and 'skills' down low kept the women from refusing him. However, his few decades of strength and bliss were cut short when he realized the flaw in the shinobi system. The village forced their members to stay unless they had an urgent mission to accomplish. Isamu's love of adventuring would not falter because of a measly ignorant rule. Nor would he stand for such a selfish restriction. He loved his family and his friends in Takigakure, but no one would get in the way of his loves and ideals. Since his rebellious act, Isamu has become the anbu captain for Takigakure especially because of the reason he defected. He adopted the name Jinpachi, but primarily for disguise. 

RP Sample: When Isuma was told about the mission at hand, he was told about the mission like nearly all missions have been delivered, by way on an ANBU appearing near instantly in front of the young shinobi. It has happened so much so no that Isuma does not get startled when this happens but instead he reaches out while the ANBU member places the scroll in the shinobis hands while they body flicker away; something that happened today as well. The young Isuma was about to walk out of his house in the afternoon before an ANBU appeared in front of him without making a sound. He knew what he was coming for so he reached out received the mission and turned back into his house in order to read the mission in peace. He slammed the door on the ANBU's face as soon as the mission was grabbed, but before the door was fully closed the ANBU was already gone. A testament to the speed of the ANBU elite. While reading the mission scroll Isuma was able to see that it was a difficult mission nonetheless. Three psychopaths have escaped captivity and now are on their way to Takigakure, well this surely isnt something good to look up too. He then prepared for this mission as he put on his Jabbawockee Mask, a mask that was given to him by the previous Takikage in order to enter the ANBU training program. The young shinobi also had his Kurai Katana strapped to his back and to finish off his apparel, Isuma had the Chūnin Flak Jacket which he designed himself as a sweater when ranking out of the Genin level. After all of this, he headed out to the rendezvous point.  

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