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Jutsu :
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Name: Zero Tails: Bijuu Cloak 
Rank: S rank
Type: Chakra Flow 
Description: In this form Guaruda is enhanced with Strenght, Speed, Chakra Reserve, and Bijuu Control. Garuda can manipulate the chakra of the zero tails as he wishes, allowing him to use chakra arms, manifest his own Mangekyou to kill his victims. Also it allows his to sense chakra and emotions as well as use high levels techniques without performing handseals and no drawbacks. 

Bijuu Cloak Statistics:
Strength: 60
Speed: 70
Stamina: 40
Agility: 40
Endurance: 50
Chakra Reserves: 60
Bijuu Control: 80

While this mode is active, the user gains a chakra shroud with six magatama markings around their neck, two distinctive horns resembling the Sage of the Six Paths' silhouette, swirl designs similar to the Uzumaki clan's symbol, and various other lines extending along their body. Garuda's shroud had six additional magatama markings around the collar of his mantle as well as patterns extending from his sleeves to the palms of his hands. The user's eyes become Purple when in this mode and where as the demon Leech Cloak is black and releases chakra as steam, this form's shroud is Purple and releases chakra as resolving water. 
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