The day had started out peaceful as Neah remained within the confines of his bedroom. He slumbered peacefully dreaming of becoming a shinobi of great strength and respect. But more importantly his dream focused on on thing being the  of his village kage. He stood above the Amekage's building at the coronation ceremony. The crowds were silent as he moved towards the railing cloaked in a white garb. He had on the traditional land of rain hat worn by past kage as he lifted his head the people cheered in reverence to their new leader. When he opened his mouth to speak nothing came out something was wrong. He tried to speak again but once again nothing came out but silence. The crowds cheering soon turned to booing at the show of lack of respect.He tried to scream out but nothing once again came out suddenly there was a blinding flash of light people were screaming and falling over as a large explosion suddenly engulfed the entire area.
People screamed as they were engulfed in the blast flesh ripping from bone leaving nothing behind but burned bones. He tried to run away from the explosion but it just kept following him and growing larger and larger. Soon he fell victim to the blast and screamed out in pain as he watched his body burn up. He awoke startled and sweat dripping down from his face. He was hunched over slightly and buried his face in his hands and took in a few breaths. He spoke to himself in a soothing manner "It was only a dream just a dream everything's fine." He exhaled a shaky breath as he got out of bed and moved towards his bathroom. He then heard a voice inside his mind laughing maniacally "Or is it boy hehe go back to sleep little one sleep so I may come out and PLAY!" He shuddered as he heard the voice inside his head and knew it all to well. It seemed the ichibi was feeling a little talkative. Inside his mind he spoke firmly "No gonna happen Shukaku I'm sorry but you need to stay inside your cage for now." He needed to wake up and splash some cold water on his face to prevent him from falling asleep again. He sighed and entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet and felt the cold water and splashed it upon his face.
The water felt soothing on his skin and put him at ease. He turned off the faucet and shook his head and dried it with a nearby towel. He looked himself over in the mirror and frowned as he had terrible bed head. He shook his head and got out his brush and slowly began to comb the wild mess of crimson hair.After what seemed like a eternity he finally combed out his hair and got dressed. Once again today was going to be a training day for him. He really should be focusing on doing more missions but on the other hand improving his skills so he would not die seemed to take a higher priority on his list of things. He chuckled to himself as he stretched out cracking his back to get him nice and limber and to help wake his sleepy ass up. He yawned loudly and headed out from his home heading straight towards the training grounds as per usual. After all the training grounds were the best place to get training done and not do anything destructive to the city. He arrived shortly to the training field and began to stroll around. For this type of training he was going to need to find a water source.
So he strolled quietly until he found a large river dividing up the training field. A smirk appeared on his face as he moved towards it.He bent down at the waters surface and saw a few fish swimming under the waters surface. He would need to make a mental note of this area was a perfect spot for fishing.He narrowed his eyes as he enjoyed the scenery only having witnessed them in books. Being from a desert area he was quite astounded with all the green plants and freely running water. It was a splendid sight he was experiencing it was almost enough to put him at ease. But not enough he had business to attend to and that was training. The chunnin exams were coming up and he needed to get stronger especially if he wished to control the beast within him.

Neah continued to enjoy the scenery around him filling him with peace and joy, For once he felt calm and worried about his predicament with Shukaku. This was truly a lovely village to be from. He envied the leaf village for having such lush green fields and various forms of plant and animals. He reached down and slipped off his sandals and dipped them into the water. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt the cold water hit his feet it was a most enjoyable sensation. Water was a precious commodity in the land of sand. In fact this was probably the first time he had seen so much free running water in his life. He was almost half tempted to just jump into the water and swim about and just soak in the water till his skin became prune like. But no he came out here for a reason and that was to train. He turned his head as he heard the sound of approaching footsteps coming towards him. It was a much older shinobi probably around ion his late teens he had nothing to fear after all and his body ceased tensing up. "Who's out there?"