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descriptionMaking My Way Back Home

Garuda made his way from Kusagakure to Takigakure. His journey was a long one but a good one at least. As the path he was taking from one village to another would be a quick path that most people arent aware off. Garuda walks in the path as he looks at the tree's and flowers in the area, it was a great view and a good walk as well. He had his Akatsuki cloak on and his wooden hat to hide his face from any and everyone for better security. 

"Where are we going... Garuda-Sama?" Reibi (Zero Tails), Garuda kept walking and he would listen to what Reibi said and staying quite for a moment as he would try to make sure no one was around. "We are going back to Takigakure my friend" said Garuda still looking around the area making sure no one was with them nor no one was coming. "Again back there... We have no business there no more" Reibi said. Garuda would stop and look up at the tree's as he sees ninjas passing by both directions, he would move out the road and behind a tree as two of the ninjas jumped down to the road looking around. "Why are you hidding from them, we can take them on quickly" Reibi said once again as Garuda answered "Because we need to make it back quickly and not waist your times with low level ninjas like them, hidden will keep up safe for the moment" as the two ninjas would jump back up to the branches and continue there journey. 

Garuda would come out from behind the tree as he would jump on a tree branch and make his way to Takigakure a bit faster. He could have killed both ninjas but that was a waist of chakra and energy specially after the stund he pulled back in Kasugakure with the kages. He would keep moving forward and not looking back, as he heard the sound of metal passing threw air. Garuda would look back and see four kunai's following him with explosion tags as they started to light up. Garuda would quickly jump forwards as he would move out the range of the explosions. "Great just what i needed" Garuda said as he looks in front of him as both ninjas where standing a few meters away. "You really think you can hide from us" one of them said as the other one would continue "Your chakra is to easy to read it was like an open book." Garuda would look at both of them in the eyes as he would start to speak "Why you following me?" He would cross his arms as he would wait for a responce. "You look a pit to much suspicious to us, thats why" one of them said. As one would take out a katana and the other one would take out two dagers. "Hmm... Your messing with the wrong person" Garuda said as they both charged at him as Garuda stay still not moving a muscle. The moment they both are close enough for a taijutsu hit which is a bit to dangerous to wait but he took his chance, Garuda actived Mangekyou as they both felt for (Tsukuyomi). Garuda would de-activate his Mangekyou as he would look at both ninjas stuck in his genjutsu for a good amount of time. He would jump down and continue his way back to Takigakure.


descriptionRe: Making My Way Back Home

Garuda would make his way to the entrance of Takigakure as the gates where open. He would stand a few meters away from the gates behind a three on a branch. "We are here Reibi" Garuda said as he looked at the gates and noticed the three gaurds infront of them. They knew about him leaving the village and walking away he was a rogue to this village, his village. "So how are we getting in?" Reibi said, Garuda would look around the area to see any openings to the village than the main entrance. But nothing that he could see was useful at the moment and going straight and trying to kill them or get them in a genjutsu was possible but risky they knew to much about him. 

Garuda then remembered the back entrence of Takigakure, only few people knew about that and Garuda was one of the few. He would jumped down and threw the trees he would walk in making his way around the village. It was a bit long he had to run the hole village to get to the back, he would look at the light of the sun reflecting of the branches and the few water pupples around the area. "We will go threw the back of the village so we can get in faster and with less suspicion" Garuda said to Reibi as he was trying to make conversation. "I still dont see why we didn't force our way in but if you want it this way then who am i to stop you" Reibi said not truly caring about it. Garuda would make his way to the back as he saw the gates from the back of the village closed but not locked. Garuda walked and open the gates and made his way inside as he would close them behind himself and marsh threw the back of the village to the main area. 


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