Takigakure is renowned for being able to produce Hero Water every hundred years, which gives whoever drinks it ten times their ordinary chakra level; however, the strain of its use can prove fatal.

Hero Water (英雄の水, Eiyu no Mizu) is from Takigakure and it allows a ninja to have at least a ten-fold increase in chakra for a short period of time. In exchange for this power, the water shortens the user's life span proportional by the number of times his chakra increased. The chakra increase is so potent that, the user can create a chakra shield to deflect weapons, similar to the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven.

The water is produced once every one hundred years from the giant tree that hides the village.

Drawback:However many times your chakra is increased will represent how long your character will be incapacitated IRL days.  Dice roll will be used to see what increase you get.

X1 = 0 days
x2 = 2 days
x3 = 3 days
x4 = 4 days
x5 = 5 days
*Anything past five will result in death after consumption
x6 = 6 days with minor damage to the chakra system
x7 = 7 days with medium damage to chakra system
x8= 8 days with severe damage to the chakra system
x9 = 9 days with sever damage to the chakra system. Possible death, second dice roll will determine.
x10 = Death after the thread is finished.