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The Akumu Clan Fotor118
Clan Name: Akumu
Clan Symbol:
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The Akumu Clan Si

Clan History:
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100 years before the founding of Konohagakure, the clans of the age were spread out and were almost constantly warring. It was into this world that Baiko Akumu was born. His parents were of the Akumu clan. The Akumu clan was known for its involvement in the afterlife. Whenever an ally clan wanted to pay respects to a fallen comrade, they would head to the Akumu clan for help. They were especially close with the Senju clan. When Baiko was born, his sharp red eyes drew marvel from everyone. They knew that he would do their clan well.
As Baiko grew older, he began to learn the sacred techniques of his clan. The “element” they used was known as Meiton. Baiko became extremely adept at using these techniques. By the time he was five, he mastered most of the basic techniques. His clan began to grow fearful of the other clans in Fire Country. The Akumu clan felt that if the other clans knew of Baiko, that the other clans would attack them. This caused them to become fearful of Baiko as well. Knowing the strength of Baiko and what he could do if properly trained, they ordered him caged. Unfortunately for Baiko, his parents obliged.
Baiko grew stressed of the occasion and began to plot his way out of this jam. Finding a way out of the cage was easy as he merely burned his way out with corpse candles. He began sneaking around, taking food and supplies for his goals. Stealing the Akumu forbidden techniques scroll, he began to read every inch of the scroll. He learned forbidden techniques and ancient truths that the Akumu clan had hidden away for years. Baiko had become the strongest Akumu to live and he was only a young boy. Using this, he began an uprising on his own clan, summoning a hundred wraiths. This is where the story of Baiko Akumu truly began, the destruction of the Akumu Clan.
He attacked the clan with an army of a hundred wraiths. The charge ended with the slaughter of everyone but his parents and the leader of the clan. Baiko entered the tent where the three were held up. There.....was the epic showdown between Baiko and his parents. The battle lasted what seemed like ages, but in the end, nothing could stop Baiko from his destiny. Baiko challenged the leader to a showdown that lasted two days. At the end, neither had very much chakra left, which seemed like a miracle to see them both drained so much. Baiko made one last move to end the leader's life. Unfortunately, it succeeded. the leader and Baiko both collapsed; Baiko, from exhaustion; and the leader; from death.

The Akumu Clan Fotor117
Kekkei Genkai: Meiton

This release’s jutsu revolve heavily around the manipulation of thing revolving death or the undead. It is able to manipulate the blood and bones of the dead. It’s also able to manipulate ghosts and ghostly energies. In some aspects, it can also absorb chakra and repulse it through other jutsu.
The Akumu Clan Fotor119
Clan Jutsu: (Your clan's secret jutsu. If any.)

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