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General Information
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Name: Hatake Yoake
Nickname/Alias: The White Fox Demon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Yoake is a fairly tall, fair-tan skinned man .He have bright blue-eyes and spiky long blond hair that reaches down to his back. Yoake jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face that extends past his shoulders. Yoake is considered to be very handsome, as many women were infatuated with him. His outfit consisted of a red tracksuit with black on the upper shoulders area and white around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a white Hatake  crest on the back, a large white collar, black pants with a shuriken holster attached to his right knee (due to being right-handed), red sandals, and a black forehead protector that was given to him by father after he graduated from the Academy. The forehead proctector is connected to a large bandana hanging down to his back.Yoake would usually wear a black T-shirt inside his tracksuit. Yoake also wheres a long black hooded cloak over his shoulds, streching won the his ankles. The cloak has a red stripe right down the middle of it. Yoake also wheres black gloves on both of his hands each with a protector with village sysmbol on top.
Personality:  Due to his demon chakra when he was young, he developed trust issues. Yoake grew up feeling insecure and angry when people stared at him; much the same as other jinchūriki. He was also extremely cautious at showing his real feelings around other people because of all the lies and deceit he had faced. He would instead constantly put on a persona of calm indifference and toughness. Yoake is calm, collected, talking only when he feels it serves a purpose. Yoake is mature and very serious. He is also shown with a sharp wit, able to see the underline nature of the situation at hand. His insight appears to make him the smartest of his graduating class.Though he is calm, collected, and highly perceptive, he also seemed well aware of the terror his reputation inspired in his foes. He appeared to be respectful of those around him; he didn't like freely speaking about others' pasts, and was said to be a very nice person. Apparently believing traumas he experienced in his youth had enlightened him to the true meaning of pain and suffering . He sought to show the world the meaning of pain by using an ultimate weapon to deter future wars, by means similar to "mutually assured destruction", and showed no moral qualms about his actions.Finally, he felt that no-one could understand true peace unless they understood "true" pain, something his childhood.Because Amegaukrewas partly responsible for the tragedies in his life, he held a great deal of animosity towards the village. He is extremely arrogant, insulting even the strongest ninja and treating Anbu members as mere tools rather than comrades.Despite his arrogance, he is not above giving praise to his enemies, for being able to wound him.Yoake has shown great ability in manipulating others to do his work for him.He appears to have a somewhat twisted outlook with respect to this, often avoiding responsibility by claiming that people acted voluntarily, though in reality they were coerced or manipulated by him.Yoake loyalties and personality are difficult to discern, as he is a sadistic, yet polite, helpful man with a dry sense of humour. He enjoys playing mind games with his enemies, often unnerving them by pointing out their weaknesses and turning personal horrors against them. Yoake stated that he dislikes forcing people to do things against their will, and instead he would manipulate them by acting sympathetic to them.
Likes & Dislikes: He loves women, and likes to fight. He also likes to drink. He hates amegakure. He dis likes being told no. He hates rapists.
Catch Phrase:"Pain is what brings people together."

Clan Information

Clan Name: N/A
Bijuu: Nine Tails Fox Yang

Rank/ Village Information:
Yoake , Hatake  0910
Country: Hosigaukre
Village Rank:Hoshikage
Skill Rank: S

Combat Information
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Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Ninjutsu: 80
Medical Ninjutsu
Fuuninjutsu: 80
Kenjutsu: 50

Elemental Affinity:
Sub:Wind,Fire,and Earth

Strength: 50
Speed: 90
Stamina: 60
Agility: 50
Endurance: 50
Chakra Reserves: 60
Intelligence: 50

Abilities :
Yoake , Hatake  Fotor116

Name: Elite Stamina
Rank: A
Type: Stamina Based
Description: Training had paid off the ninja's ability in Stamina control allows them to reduce Stamina cost by 6 points.
Jutsu :

Kages start with 10 jutsu and Anbu and lower starts with five.

Yoake , Hatake  Jujj10

Name: Repulsion technique
Rank: C-A
Range:Must be with in 10 meters max.
Size:The wave can get as high as 7'0 feet and 1 yard in widht
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By expelling a great amount of chakra from his palm, the ninja can produce a strong repulsive force, great enough to push targets even at a distance. When used defensively, it can be unleashed from any point on his body to negate the force of the attack.

C Rank: can knock an target 10 meters away
B Rank: can knock an target 15 meters away
A Rank: can knock a target 20 meters away

Name: Rasengan
Rank: A
Range:Up to arms lenght.
Size:Yoake's Rasengan is about the size of the basket ball.
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The Rasengan does not require any hand seals to use, relying only on the chakra control of the user. Once it is complete, it becomes self-sustaining, which does not give the Rasengan a definite limit like its counterpart, the Chidori. The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage. This tends to launch the target spiralling backward after being hit or, if the target is lying on or being launched to the ground, the destructive force is enough to form a crater.

Name: Chidori
Rank: A
Range:Up to arms lenght.
Size:Yoake's Chidori is about the size of the basket ball. The lighting sparking from it is about 24 feet.
Handseals:Ox → Rabbit → Monkey or Monkey → Dragon → Rat → Bird → Ox → Snake → Dog → Tiger → Monkey
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target, producing heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces.

Name: Chidori Spear
Rank: A
Range:Five Meters
Size:6 inches wide,and 6 inches high
Type: Ninjutsu
Description:The original Chidori gained its power by shaping it into a form sufficient for an electrical discharge and using it together with the user's own "thrust". This technique uses shape transformation to form the original Chidori into a spear or blade-shape, adapting it for mid-range attacks with a maximum range of about five metres.Its increased range means there is less of a risk to the user. It also has the advantage of being able to be used for surprise attacks and capturing.When the enemy's body is pierced, the user can alter the spear's shape into multiple additional blades at the price of a C rank chakra per blade, increasing the number of wounds.

Name:Chidori Senbon
Rank: A
Range:15 meters
Size:The same size as a senbon
Type: Ninja
Description: This is one of many variations of the Chidori that uses shape transformation. In comparison to the standard Chidori, it further specialises in speed, by being transformed into countless sharp senbon, which are all aimed and fired at the enemy. By increasing the amount of chakra used, the number of senbon also increases proportionally. Instead of the normal cost of an A Rank jutsu the number instead pays an D rank amount of chakra per senbon

Name:Chidori Current
Rank: A
Range:Reachs up to 15 feet from the user with them a epicenter
Size:About 12 lighting currents that are about 3 inches wide and 6 feet high.
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By releasing the Chidori in every direction, an electrical discharge flows from the user's entire body allowing him to affect multiple enemies. When using this attack on a great number of enemies at once, it can effectively double as an instant defence. The body of the person touched by the Chidori will misinterpret the lightning nature as "electrical signals from the nerves", making its muscles contract. This causes the body to involuntarily go stiff, while at the same time receives damage. This attack can also be channelled through the ground to increase the range of the attack.

Name: Chidori Kanata
Rank: B
Range:Blade or weapon lenght
Size:Depends on the size of the weapon
Type: Ninjutsu,Kenjutsu
Description: This technique allows the user to channel the Chidori through his/her. This makes it nearly unblockable as the radiating and chirping blade can easily cut through steel. Furthermore, if an opponent is stabbed, their body goes numb due to an electrical current which causes the muscles to contract, making it impossible for the opponent to move. However, it can be countered by other weapons that also utilise Lightning Release chakra flow.

Name: Body Flicker
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By using the Body Flicker Technique, a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed (plus 10 speed while using this jutsu )To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination.

10 Meters: D rank cost
20 meters: C Rank Cost
30 meters:B rank Cost
40 meters: A rank cost
50 meters:S Rank Cost

Name: Samurai Sabre Technique
Rank: B
Range:Blade lenght, and 15 meters
Size:24 inches cresents of chakra long
Type: Kenjutsu, Fighting style
Description: Through the use of chakra flow, the user channels their chakra through their melee weapons, extending both the reach and cutting ability of the blade, while allowing the user to fire crescents of chakra whenever the blade is swung. This released chakra is capable of great destruction, as shown from how these projectiles completely penetrated a considerable stone pillar, before continuing to damage the immediate surroundings.The user also have the ability to use shape transformation during the implementation of this technique, sculpting their respective chakra blades into various rudimentary weapons that extend beyond the natural dimensions of their original swords; such as broadswords, spiked shafts and even axes (E rank cost).  This transformational quality also appears to extend to even the crescents of chakra launched from the blade, forming a diverse range of projectiles that includes giant buzzsaws (about 36 feet in lenght) and shafts of chakra, the shape of which are seemingly dependent on the structure of the previously formed weapon (D Rank Cost)

Name: Flash
Rank: B
Range:15 meters
Size: 2 feet
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: A swift ranged attack where the user swings their sword at a target after coating it in chakra, releasing a sharp crescent of chakra in the arc that the blade was swung.

Background Information
Yoake , Hatake  71110
History:     Born is Hoshiagukre to Mia Hatake, who gave birth to him at a young age. She was fifthteen to be exact, his Father Saskoue Namikaze was about 21 at the time. Mia was a young chunin in Hoshigaukre, she was very strong but she was bright. She was one of the village's lead medical nin, who ironicilly found herself into a hospital. Lying in bed she couldn't help but to think of her genin days, her team mates Roku,and Lee. "What could they be doing now" she thought to herself. Knowing Lee he was probaly playing with his puppets. He loved his silly toys as she called them. His puppets was his pride and joy. If it wasn't for those puppets she probaly would had never made it out of the chuunin exams. She gave a sign at thought of them rescuing Roku from a rival group of genin. He was always getting himself into trouble. Roku deicede to run off to find the scrolls by him self, but walk right into a trap. If Lee didn't come to save him who would had known what would had happen.

However the two was much differnt now. Lee was not the same, Lee had grown. Using the merorite of the village really up his skills, Mia began to tear up at the thought. All she could is picture Lee's face  and his apperance. At 5'9", 150 pounds, Lee were a skinny kid with olive complexion. He has light brown eyes that somewhat larger than the average set. On top of his head is long black hair that extends halfway down his back in a long braid. For his uniform, he wears a skin tight, black body suit that covers his arms and legs (made of breathable material, of course), which he'll strip down to for the sake of stealth. This suit is underneath underneath a white T-Shirt which is, in turn, underneath an olive green, sleeveless hoody (with a zipper) and a pair of olive green pants. On his feet his black ninja sandals. On his forehead are a pair of amber shaded goggles. Strapped around the middle of his upper legs are two black holsters to mainly carry his kunai and shuriken. Around his waist is a black belt that holds four pouches (two on each side of his waist). At least he did. All Mia could do was wipe her eyes from that painful thought of Lee's death, he was gone and he was coming back her best friend. Though she was about to give birth all she could think about was Lee. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and gave a sniffle.

Moments later the demise of Lee played out in Mia's mind,  her eyes can see the event as it was happening right then. Lee had used his Mysterious Peacock Method. Roku had warned him many times of the threat it could pose on his body. Lee ingored him. He pressed on with the using the Jutsu. He had no choose, Roku was laid out. A large carter surround his body, his bones shattered. Mia was taken on Jin alone. Jin's skill was too much for them.sasukoe was fear from near. Lee had to do something, he mustrad all the strenght he hand. Purple wings sprouted from his back, he charge at a raid speed slamming into Jin's chest. Jin gasphed for breath, dropping down to his knees. Lee used his mysterious peacock to rip through the flash of jin ripping off his skin. Lee screamed ahhh, as he began to go on a ramage attacking his other allies. The kinjutsu was too much for him to handle he was going wild, losing more control as the second past. Mia had no choice she reached for her sword and charged at Lee from behide, Lee's wings deflected the sword from hand. She then used her chakra scapel to attack his nerves taking out his left and right leg. Lee dropped to the ground unable to move. Mai then pulled a Kunai from her holster and slashed his neck, killing Lee.

Moments later in a far distance an event that would change Hoshigakure was approaching, the Nine tails roared from a distance. The dreaded beast let loose a dealy destructive bijuu beast bomb, that wiped out a great number of trees. The Hoshikage sent an elite task force to slow the monster down.  The brave souls didn't charge the beast head own, the leader new they was not match for the beast. Instead they tired to use various of jutsu to bind the tail beast, however all attemps failed. The bijuu was just to strong to be contained. However they did mange to slow the beast down, reniforcements soon joined the first task force, they raged in battle with the beast for about a whole day trying to slow the beast from coming to the village. Many of them died, the Hoshikage sent out many more of ninja this prolonged the beast even more however the forces was also wi[ped out . The Hoshikage then went to face the bijuu hisself with his elite few. Yoake's father was there with him. When Mia heard what was going she left the hospitle to head in the direction of the beast, hoping to help. It was about the third day when Mia caught up with her loves. The beast still strong, and the forces ruuning out of chakra had no choice but to seal the beast, at that moment Mia had started to give birth. The Hoshikage used that moment to seal the beast in Mia's freash born kid Yoake. Giving his life he put half of the Bijuu into Yoake and sealed the other half into another child, hoping to split the bijuu's power from it ever forming again. And that was the last moments of the 4th Hoshikage and the first of Yoake's.

Yoake, was hated in the village. Most people blamed his exists for the death of the forth Hoshikage. Most of his peers picked on him, they wouldn't let him play with them on the play grounds. In fact they bullied him every chance they go. That's why Yoake dicede at a young age he will become stronger, so he can beat up the people who bullied him. He was going to make them all pay for every name the called him. Yoake picked his weapon, one day on the play ground Yoake was being bullied. He deicede to coward way as he made his retreat he fell to the ground. A gang of kids started to stomp on him. A small once of the Kyuubi's power leaked from. He rushed up a roared "Get the fuck away from me" his eyes was red, his teeth sharp like an anmial. With his claw like hands he picked up the nearest thing he could find, a stick. The enraged Yoaki swung his stick feriously at the childern, beating them all servally. A near by Anbu sensed the childs chakra and rushed to the play ground. "Get the fuck back" Yoake yelled as the child rushed the anbu. The Anbu you him down with easy knocking Yoake out. Yoake would soon awake at the Anbu head quaters of the village. Surround by men in mask he knew he was in trouble. Yoake would just sit there not saying a word, scared by the anbu.

Yoake now faced with the the Anbu said nothing as they just watched him, "So this the Hoshikage's Killer one said" Yoake felt out rage that some one would say such a thing. How dare they, he didn't kill the Hokage. There was no way he was a killer he was just a child. Yoake balled his hands into a fist " shut the fuck up" he yelled running at the anbu who spoke as he went to take a swing another anbu gently stop him. "This is the child of our greatest captain you better respect him." "why did you bring him here", "because i couldn't leave him there knocked out"."well seal the brats beast now that we have him. "that is treason by the wish of the fifth Hoshikage no harm is to come to this child." the anbu with the problem stormed off. Then anothe one used hand signs and poor Yoake feel a sleep unable to remeber anything he feel to sleep in his bed.

A few weeks by sinc the encounter with the Anbu, but this where Yoake's story gets sad one day while walking home form his class at the acadmey Yoake notice smoke in the air. Being curious Yoake went to investgate the strange event only to find out it was his home that was burning. In fact the whole block was on fire. Ninjas was fighting through out the streets. Bodys laid on the ground, heads removed from necks. Puddles of blood soaking the feet of villagers fleeing. The sounds of kunai clashing. Jutsu flying in differnt directions. This was a small invision by Amegaukre trying to take over Hoshigakure. Yoake ran into his home, his eyes was widen as he seen his father lying on the ground wait his legs cut off. Blood was around his lips he whispered run.The Yoake heard aloud cry up stairs, he ran to invesgate to find his mother tied up with her clothes ripped off. Three Ameagukre ninja raped his mother. One shoving his dick in her mouth, and the other two with their dicks in both her holes. Out raged Yoake began to tap into the Kyuubi's power, as he began to lose control Kurama had taken over. His eyes shut into darkness as he blanked out. When he awoken he was ina hospitle bed. When he asked the nurse what happen she said nothing, when he asked for his parnets she said nothing.

Yoake would the his name said. He then notice as the fith Hoshikage walked to his bed. The old man looked at him, "You poor child" he said "I wanted to be the one to tell you this but your parnets are dead, the amegakure ninjas killed your mother before you lost control, and your father bleed to death after that so sick bastard skinned him alive. You was so enraged that the nine tails nearly took control of you, you mange to kill all the amegaukre ninjas and six of our anbu, and now you are facing serious charges, however I have talked to the councail about allowing you to become my servent to pay for your crimes since you are achild." Yoake couldn't say anything he was in shock about hearing about his parents death, tears started the race down his eyes. He was alone, there was no one to care for him. All he could think about was his mother being raped and his father bleeding out. He then looked at the old Hoshikage "Train me old man, give me the dam meroite I will get revenage for my family. I will kill every single one of them. Teach me the peacock Meathod now." The Hoshikage placed his hand on the boys head "it's ok my dear boy I will make you into our villages weapon, you will have your vengnce. And this started a new chapcter in Yoake's life.

A full year had passed and Yoake was now a genin, his training really paid off with the Hoshikage. His skills suprassed all of his team mates, he's greatest feature was his speed. He would soo be known as the White flash, with his mothers white chakra saber blade he was almost unbeatble. Using the skills he learn from the Hoshikage he succed on almost every missions, became the prodigy Genin and the adpoted son of the Hoshikage head of the Fumma clan. As a genin he picked a lot of fights with chunin having no respect for any of them. He often challaged them to show off his skills, he would win some and lose some. Rare occasions it would in with a draw. His teammates will urge him not to pick fights but he will do it anyway. When he wasn't on missions he spent his tiime training with Hoshikage trying to grow stronger. He never let go of his thrist for vengence. He was going to take his anger out on as many Amegaukre ninjas as he could, he was going to make sure their village burned just as his did. This was a promise he was going to see through. he often spent alot of his days talking to Kurama who told his name since he liked his spirit. Though he refuse to lead him any chakra unless hes was in absuolte need. But yoake was determine to get stronger with his own strenght, training to take on the Amekage one day. Then he will have his vengence.

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