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General Information
Manji Jikura Fotor115
Name: Manji Jikura [Prefers Jikura.]
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Age: 26 [Stopped Aging, Technically 126]
Gender: Male
Manji Jikura C56ef810
Jikura is a tall and handsome young man, standing at 6'7" and weighing 226 lbs, though looking quite thin. He usually wears the generic shinobi gear, with a blue silk belt and steel gauntlets. His headband is hidden under his belt. He has sky blue hair, yellow eyes, and a decent body build.

He usually grins whenever he's fighting or walking around. If ever in combat, his stance is of a carefree bird, lifting it's wings and dancing gracefully (Crane stance.), and his facial expressions are mostly blank. When he's in an ANBU op, his mask is blurred out, making him unobvious.

Personality: Jikura is a quiet, calculating, and tuned, individual. He is someone who thinks very well in the situation that he is. He always tries to take a position as a pacifist, he will only counterattack people who attacked him. But if you expect him to let you live, forget it. He will counterattack in a completely psychotic way, he possibly will kill you and kick your carcass into a river. He always tries to understand a situation logically. He would not try to create a happy atmosphere in a tragic and dangerous situation, he will understand this situation and it will act in the way that this situation is established. If he is in a cheerful setting, he will feel happiness and he will try to be a little more open. If he is in a dangerous scenario, he will try to do everything to get out of this scenario.

He always analyzes the situation before doing something stupid. In a psychological aspect, he is aggressive, irresponsible, impulsive, often stressed, besides being too sarcastic to normal, social standards. He will always treat people in an egalitarian tone, without regrets. If you are a noble, rich, a princess, a king, a god or anything you want to be, forget everything. He will not see you as a VIP, he will speak at an equal pitch. He will also provoke anyone who is annoying him. This is an example to everyone else.
Likes & Dislikes:
Food: Everyone loves a good meal.
The Cold: He's an Ice Ninja, he's used to it.
Hydration: You need water once in a while. For him, every 10 seconds.

Peasants: "Stop begging, I won't."
Heat: Heat bugs him to death.
Desert: Barely any water.

Catch Phrase: "I'm not harmful. Just deadly."

Clan Information

Clan Name: Manji
Kekkei Genkai: Shakuai (The Shark Eye)

Rank/ Village Information:
Manji Jikura 0910
Country: Amegakure
Village Rank: ANBU Ops Founder
Skill Rank: A

Combat Information
Manji Jikura 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Ninjutsu: 100
Medical Ninjutsu 10
Fuuninjutsu: 0
Genjutsu: 0
Taijutsu: 10
Bukijutsu: 0
Kenjutsu: 0
Puppetry: 60

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Ice Release
Sub: Ice (Blue Dragon Puppets)

Strength: 10
Speed: 50
Stamina: 10
Agility: 50
Endurance: 50
Chakra Reserves: 50
Intelligence: 100

Abilities :
Manji Jikura Fotor116

Jutsu :

Manji Jikura Jujj10

Name: Ice Release: Chill of Yasala
Rank: A
Range: 30 meters
Size: 4 inches wide, 6 inches long
Handseals: Inu, Ushi, Tatsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Jikura does the hand seals for the jutsu, and suddenly, his hand give out a blue-hued mist which turns into a kunai-like shape, and then throws itself at the opponent, dealing A-rank damage and making them unable to move for 3 posts. It takes 2 posts for it to be used again.

Background Information
Manji Jikura 71110
Spoiler :
A soft sea breeze caressed the ocean on the evening of the day that the twins were born, bringing in the tide. The day had been just like any other day really, sunny, fair weathered and good for Kyūsokuna’s octopi fishing empire.  On this evening the father greeting the captains of his ships that went out each dawn to collect octopi, as he usually did when they normally returned each night, to make sure that their catch had been good. However, on this night he greeted them with an additional exciting announcement that his two children that they had been waiting for the past few months, had been born at about noon that very day.  

That particular noon that they were born on had been warm in the two-story home that the family owned, their mother having decided to give birth in their home with the help of a nursemaid or two. The air conditioning had broken the day before, and was being fixed at the time that the cry of the first of the brothers entered the air, Raise. The second cry, Jikura’s, joined his brother’s only a few minutes later, and not long after the coos of their older sister, Shina, and parents joined the noises in the room. It was a pleasant day that they were born on, though a day that would start Jikura’s childhood of ridicule, as he was not what they deemed a ‘normal’ boy as a very "cold" individual, or the first born son in the old fashion merchant family.

Because he was born in the Port of Dreams to a fisher family with a distaste for the shinobi, the childhood of Jikura is one that is not quite like many of those who become shinobi for the village of Amegakure. His family was very disappointed when he first announced that he wanted to become a shinobi after hearing a story from a sailor about the amazing feats of what shinobi could achieve. The feats that he knew he would never be able to achieve if he were to stay within the family business. Only seven and he was already being overshadowed by his brother.

It was his brother who clung to their father, begging him to teach him how to run the business and how to catch octopi. It was Jikura who hated doing such things, preferring to rescue the octopi and secret them away to a hidden place that he could protect them. He hated seeing the magnificent creatures harmed in any way, and they were always shipped off so that they could be eaten. A staple of his family’s meals that he had never been able to eat. He’d even been caught and reprimanded more than a few times for attempting to rescue the poor creatures. Jikura hated it, and he had been dubbed the freak of the family by everyone, even his brother, though Raise tried to make Jikura feel better most of the time.

Much to the displeasure of his parents, and after much begging and shouting, Jikura was finally allowed to join the academy at the age of ten, and sent off to the main village, where he would live from that point on, almost as if his family had disowned him. However, he didn’t mind this, his dream of becoming a shinobi looked as if it was going to be realized. He had missed a couple years, but he worked hard, and he graduated with his peers at the age of twelve as if he had joined the academy at a normal age, and kick started his career as a shinobi.

As a genin, Jikura only continued to grow and thrive. He was truly dedicated to his work at this point, and he loved working with his sensei and his team on the mission that they were given. Some of them might have been truly silly, like hunting down lost pets, but each one was important to keep the happiness of the village up to par. It wasn’t until Jikura became a chunin at the age of fourteen that things started to take a darker turn in his life again.

Fourteen, and Jikura began to see how cruel the world could be again, even away from the family that had tormented him as a child. One of his teammates was killed in action during one of their first missions as chunin, but it wasn’t something that they could linger on for long, as the mission had to be completed. And complete it they did, and their team mate was replaced not long after that mission. They hardly had time to mourn the loss of the friend that had been with them since the academy. Of course, the one who joined their team had also gone to the academy, but it was still something that was quite hard to live with.

Still, life moves on, and Jikura found himself moving on as well. As a chunin, he began to take more solo missions, until by the time that he was a special jounin he was taking essentially all solo missions. Solo missions were something that he found he preferred in many ways. If he made a mistake, it was his to take care of, and it was his life risked. There were no others to lose their lives if he were to do something wrong. However, this insecurity was something that he slowly grew out of as well, and by the time he was a jounin at age twenty-three, he had returned to taking group missions with others, a lot of the time as the leader of the group because of his rank.

Guiding others was of course difficult at first, but slowly he grew accustomed to it, though he is not certain he will ever take on a team of genin. He does prefer to work on teams of people who have more ryo than that. And, solo missions still popped up every now and then, and he still takes them, sometimes needing a break from barking orders at individuals. He knows that it is his duty to do so, but he’s not certain that it’s what he wants to constantly do. However, As long as he can protect his village he will do what is necessary. He’s proved that time and time again, including in recent mission that he recently returned from where he was declared missing in action for nearly a year after being captured by the enemies that he had been sent after.  Home now, Jikura plans on taking a small break before jumping right back in to the field.

But, an incident. He was sent to The Land of Iron. He.. froze. But, so did time. For 100 years, he was randomly frozen in ice, and time. He didn't know what happened, he didn't know who did it, he didn't know anything. But, he was freed. A monk found him, and released him. He gave him 3 puppets with strings, and a scroll. He opened the scroll, and suddenly he was at home. But, he felt different. His hand was holding 2 pieces of paper, which read "Water" and "Wind". Ice, he thought. He had a wife. And kids. He went along with it. Other lands were gone, and almost no one was friends.

3 years had passed. Jikura was called back. To Amegakure. He was tasked to recreate an old order. The ANBU Ops. He agreed. After several months of searching, recruiting and training, the order was reborn. He was a legendary ninja now.

RP Sample:
From Another Site :
Anshō took a deep breath of air as he set foot on the familiar docks of the Port of Dreams, closing his eyes for a moment to let the familiar smells wash over him, soothing his weary body. He was home now, and that was all that mattered at this point, and it felt good. It had been about a year since he had last set foot on the land of his village and it felt good, after how rough it had been. He had missed his home, and he had worried for a time that he might not get back to see it again. Yet, here he was and he smiled as he opened his eyes again, roving over the familiar stalls on the docks and port as he moved. Still as bustling as ever. The tourist industry must still be booming. He was glad to see that it had not stopped yet. He hummed as he dodged an individual carrying a crate, and proceeded to move through the crowds.

Perhaps he would stop by the home of his family before getting an airship to the main village to make his report and hear about the goings on of the village while he had been away. Or, perhaps not. He wasn't quite in the mood to see his family at the moment. After all, they'd probably berate him for his career choice, and he was much too tired to want anything to do with that. Who would want to be beaten while they were down anyway? He sighed and rolled his eyes, moving to the familiar airport. It was a simple matter of showing his ID and other papers, assuring them that, yes, despite his bruises, he was fine, and he really just needed to go home. Soon he found himself on an airship, and he leaned into his seat, turning his head slightly to look out the window. Wow... even a simple seat like this was comfortable. And somehow, he found himself dozing off for the relatively quick flight only to be jolted awake by the announcement that they had landed.

Blinking, Anshō rolled his shoulders and stepped out of the airship, making his way into the village, observing his surroundings and looking for differences. And, he found himself smiling, much to the disapproval to the bruise on his cheek, as he walked through the village, meandering a bit as he made his way to the capitol to report in.

Face Claim: Anime Sub-Zero - Mortal Kombat Series

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Your app is looking fine, Jikura! I'd just like to see a bit more telling about your character's looks, one more paragraph will be fine. And, for your likes and dislikes, you'll just need one more for each one. 

Once you do that, I'll get you approved.   afro

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"I'm not harmful. Just deadly."

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you got oo many stats, you get 330 for A rank

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"I'm not harmful. Just deadly."

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Are you sure you want go with no Stamina? Because your character will get very exhausted fast.

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Manji Jikura Ab6f5f10

"I'm not harmful. Just deadly."

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