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Though he eats a lot, he unconsciously exercises as much, thus maintaining a healthy body build. He stands at 172 cm and with a lightly muscled body weighs 61 kg. His skin tone is initially pretty pale, although it has somewhat darkened from excessive exposure to the sun. His body doesn't lack on the scar department. Even though he doesn't actually fight other people like ninja do, from a young age he spent his time outside in forests, climbing trees and scrapping himself after falling down from them. He has little reminders of his childhood adventures all over his body and, unlike some, is proud of them. He can actually remember how he gained every single one of them, however small.

He has the face of a child -minus the faint crease lines between his brows, which he has acquired through years and years of intensely frowning at everything he didn't understand-, with big round black eyes and a small nose. Thankfully, he has somewhat gotten rid of said habit nowadays. His hair, like his eyes, is pitch black, and though it was a source of bad nicknames -such as ghost, or corpse- in his early life, the slight tanning of his skin tone has made it look a bit more natural than what it looked like on his originally pale skin. He has been growing it since he was little, and it now reaches down to his knees if let loose. He usually keeps it up in a long and high ponytail. It gets in his way a lot, but he refused to cut it.

Yashiro is a lively guy. He's loud and somewhat obnoxious most of the time. His behavior might annoy some people, but he never means any harm by it. He's a bit blunt when he forgets to think before acting -which happens frequently-, but always apologizes whenever he hurts someone unintentionally. He always tries to see the positive of every situation, usually just ignoring the negative parts, which results in a lot of bad situations for him. He's as honest as it gets, and can not keep secrets, even if his life depended on it. It's not that he doesn't want to; they just come out of his mouth without him realizing it.

He might barge into things without thinking about it first, but it's not difficult for him to give up on things if they don't work out. Even though he might not look like it, he cries a lot; sometimes for no serious reason at all. He will cry if he loses something important to him, and he will cry if he has to raise his voice in an argument. Tears just come out and he has no way of controlling them. He hates this particular attribute of his, but he really can't do anything about it.

Except for not being able to keep secrets, he's a very loyal person. If he takes a liking in someone it will be difficult to make him hate said person, even if he gets wronged in any way by them. He's a bit clingy sometimes, but if he is told so, he will back down without a second thought.

rain - oranges - squirrels - long walks - talking to people - scary stories - complex hairstyles - light colored eyes
fire - people telling him to cut his hair - rude people - crying - restricting clothes

Clan Information

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Skill Information
Elemental Affinityfiren/a

Chakra Reserves00

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Medical Ninjutsu00

Yashiro Uchiha Fotor116
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Background Information
Yashiro was found as a baby by a woodcutter in one of the forest areas around the border between Amegakure and Kusagakure. His biological parents never really came into the picture at all, so, even though he was told he was found and not born to the family from a young age, the woodcutter and his wife more than willingly raised him as their own child, since they were unable to have one of their own. He was never bothered by the fact his actual parents abandoned him. He actually just didn't pay attention to it. He was too content with life to care that much.

He was always a happy child, adventurous, maybe a tad too much. From day till dawn he would spend his time in the woods, climbing around or racing wild animals that accidentally crossed paths with him. He wasn't exactly a social butterfly. He had a few people he called friends, but the majority of the village kids just pushed him aside and kept hitting him with the fact that his parents were not his real parents. He never understood why they paid so much attention to it when he himself didn't.

Most of the village's children went on to become ninja, half joining Ame and the rest Kusa. Ninja were also a thing he didn't understand. His village was a peaceful place. A place where everyone helped one another and lived quietly. The concept of being powerful, or fighting, was a foreign one to him. Everyone was happy around him. They had what they needed to go by, so why put effort in something they wouldn't need to do? Sure, wrestling with the rest of the kids for fun was nice, but why take it to the next level when the only thing you could gain was bruises and scars? He had enough of those without fighting.

So instead of following the footsteps of his fellow youngsters, he stayed behind. Time passed quickly and he soon became the only remaining teenager in the village. He mostly helped his foster father with the whole woodcutting business (more carrying the wood back to the village than cutting it), but he also helped others in his village with whatever they needed. People slowly forgot he wasn't actually born among them, and even took pride in having him in their village.

The peace and quiet didn't last forever though. It was too good to last. Yashiro, gone for a long walk in the forest, returned to a ruined village, crumbled houses, and burned corpses on the ground. At first he was completely confused. It had to be a joke. The eerie silence though made him realize it wasn't. A sharp pain shot through him at the thought of his parents being hurt. He had accidentally activated the first state of his sharingan and he didn't even know it. But even if he knew, he wouldn't care. He raced as fast as he could to his house and found it to be in the same state as the others. He couldn't even get in. Soon he couldn't see either, his eyes full of tears.

He stayed there crying until he couldn't take the smell of death any longer. Having no where else to go, he just let himself wander inside the forest, until the sun disappeared and he fell down with it.

RP Sample

Kukuchi Heisuke - Rakudai Ninja Rantarou

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