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Starting Tier Points

Kage/Rank:210 Teir Points
Anbu/A Rank:160 Teir Points
Jounin/B Rank:100 Teir Points
Chuuni/C Rank:30 Tier Points
Genin/D Rank:10 Tier Points

Basically the teir system is to be put in place to mesure someones skils with basic ninja arts. Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Kugujutsu, Fuinjutsu. These are all examples of the types of ninja arts we mean. The point is to show if you are a better user of a certain art than another person. These are based on levels listed as: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, and Tier V

For the most part, these levels indicate weather your character can use more advanced forms of ninja arts.

Tier I - Allows use of D rank, 1-20 points
Tier II - Allows use of C rank 21-40 points
Tier III- Allows use of B rank 41-60 points
Tier IV- Allows use of A rank 61 -80 points
Tier V - Allows use of S rank 81-100 points

It also will help determine weather your ninja art is stronger than someone elses. Another thing about these tiers is they cost the ammount of points indicated by the level of jutsu they allow (ie: V costs 81 rank points.) Also these teirs stack so to have one of a higher rank you must have all the previous ones as well.

The amount of points differ between teirs, to give a power rate to a jutsu. This only counts if two jutsu are pent angst each other and are the same teir, the user with the most points in their teir jutsu would over-power the other. Also with defense jutsu ansgt offesive jutsu, the same will apply with ever have the most point wins. However some elements and jutsu my differ results.


Kenjutsu Teir I - Use of 1 sword - D Rank
Kenjutsu Teir II - Use of 2 swords - C Rank
Kenjutsu Teir III - Use of 3 swords - B Rank
Kenjutsu  Teir IV- Use of 5 swords - A Rank
Kenjutsu Teir V- Use of 7 swords - S Rank


Puppetry Teir I - Use of 1 Puppets - D Rank
Puppetry Teirr II - Use of 2 Puppets- C Rank
Puppetry Teir III - Use of 3 Puppets - B Rank
Puppetry  Teir IV- Use of 5 Puppets- A Rank  
Puppetry Teir V- Use of 7 Puppets -S Rank

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descriptionSkill System | Teir Information  EmptyRe: Skill System | Teir Information

For every five-hundred (500) words of training you type up in a training topic you will be given five (5) Stat Points to spend in any way you please. However, the deal is:You can only gain 50 stat points per week Max.

Points for Sparring:
If you spar another shinobi then you will receive a certain amount of points determined by the rank of the person if you defeat them.
Defeat the Kage of a Hidden Village: 15 Teir Points
Defeat a normal S-rank Shinobi: 10 Teir Points
Defeat a normal A-rank Shinobi (Anbu): 8 Teir Points
Defeat a normal B-rank Shinobi (Jonin): 5 Teir Points
Defeat a normal C-rank Shinobi (Chunin): 3 Teir Points
Defeat a normal D-rank Shinobi (Genin): 1 Teir Point

Points for Killing People:
If you kill another shinobi you will be rewarded with a set amount of Teir points to spend however you wish. These points rewarded will be based off of the rank of the person you killed.

Kill the Kage of a Hidden Village: 30 Tier Points
Kill a normal S-rank Shinob(Sannin)i: 25 Teir Points
Kill a normal A-rank Shinobi (Anbu): 15 Teir Points
Kill a normal B-rank Shinobi (Jonin): 8 TeirPoints
Kill a normal C-rank Shinobi (Chunin): 5 Teir Points
Kill a normal D-rank Shinobi (Genin): 2 Teir Points
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