The Kyuubi standing it's cage stared at Yoake, Yoake staring back moved his lips "Kurama, how powerful are you ?" he asked. Kurama gave a sinister laugh, "child you have no idea, I am the strongest of the Bijuu". Yoake gave a stern look to his Bijuu held captive in his body. "I demand you give me all your power then" he sad with his fist balled. Kurama said nothing.
Red chakra the began to engulf the body of Yoake, the tails of Kurama started to apper all around him. Yoakebegan to scream with a loud cry "urh ahhh". His skin started to change, burning as his apperance started to look more like Kurama. The over wellheming power was too much for him to control.
The background shifted to the village of the star. He could hear the crys of his fellow villagers as he stood in the midst of the village. Many bodies laid in the streets ,childern,women, and men. the anbu was charging at him with their weapons drawn.
"Kill the demon fox" they yelled as their blades ripped through the flesh of Yoake. Yoake stood there with no as he haven't felt thing. Then he saw himself as Kurama's true form. He open his mouth releaseing a huge tailed beast bomb, wiping out the forces.
Soon after he awoken from his deep sleep, his body drenched with sweat. He was standing up as he jumped from his night mare, grabbing his sheets tightly. What a nightmare he thought. Why would i dream of that he wondered to himself.
Rising from his bed only to make his bed back, folding part of his blanket only to show his black pillows. He then walked to his shower and turned the dail. Soon taking off his boxers and walking into the shower. he rubbed soap on his body, and then rised it off. Next he washed his face. After that he shampooed his blonde hair. Then repeated all he had done three more times.
He then turned off the water, and reached for his towel. Afterwards his walked to his toilet and took his more dump. After wiping his butt, he flushed his toleit. Then got up to wash his hands with soap. He then reached for his tooth bursh and applied tooth paste too it and burshed his teeth for at least 60 seconds.
He then walked to his closet and put on a pair of boxers. Then he placed his legs in his black pants one leg at a time. Afterwards he put on his black tee shirt, to throw his red jacket above it. he then zipped up his jacket. he reached for his cloak and placed on top of his jacket. He then walked to his table and picked up his gloves, placing them on both hands. Afterwards, he tied his fore head protector on the top of his head. Then he put on his holster on his right knee and his pouch be hide his back. He was now ready to start his day.
Upon leaving his home, he entered his carrigate that was waiting on him. He sat down next to his anbu, that had the job of gaurd himing. He the single for the driver to start moving the carritage. The driver order his horse black mustangs to move. then began to dash off at a high speed heading out of the village. The Hoshikage was own his way towards the land of grass, or out wise know as the grass country. He planned to visit the hidden Grass village today.